Sports and Games

One of the Greatest Greek Philosophers, Aristotle, argued that ÔÇ£means Sano en Corpore SanoÔÇØ    Which he meant ÔÇ£Healthy mind in a health bodyÔÇØ
The Games and Sports are the only paths which dominate in generating healthy minds which are very much required in academic Career.

Games are those competitive sports or an activity which have rules and funny. Games e.g. Olympics Games, Commonwealth Games,  East Africa Challenge Cup, World University Games (FISU), All Africa University Games (FASU), East African University Games (EAUG), Tanzania University Sports Association Games(TUSA), Inter Faculty and University spots Day Games . Almost all the above mentioned Games/Competitions are mainly for University students.

FOR WORKERS THESE ARE ÔÇ£MASHINDANO YA MASHIRIKA YA UMMA TANZANIA (SHIMMUTA), ÔÇ£MEI MOSI ÔÇôÔÇ£WORKERS DAY, Inter Department and University Games and Sports Day which aim at bringing together University Employees with their families.

SPORTS are activities you do for pleasure using physical efforts or skill, this being done in a specified area following set rules.


Our University being rich in playgrounds has six for Football, four for Netball,  four for Basketball, three for Volleyball, nine for Tennis, One Track & Field-Athletics, A  swimming pool and Indoor for Badminton, Table Tennis, Basketball and Aerobic training and a International Cricket ground. Most of them are located at the Main Campus


They are meant for Students, University Employees and the Surrounding Community. They are also open for  hiring at low charges that are almost free.


If you want to play in an organized sports league or you just want to get away from the pressures of college life and social life
Games and Sports Unit of our office is DEFINITELY for you. In collaboration with UDSM Academic Department of Physical Education, Sports and Culture (PESC), Dean of StudentsÔÇÖ Office is committed to offering safe and quality recreational programs, facilities, and services to UDSM students, staff and family in order to foster personal growth. We are committed to promote healthy lifestyles in an environment that value, embrace, and enrich individual differences.


A few mentioned are:

  •     Minimizing or eliminating completely chances of getting HIV-AIDS
  •     Perpetuating Youth
  •     Enabling one to spend economically
  •     Eliminating or reducing chances of misbehaviour
  •     Creating Friendship and Good relations
  •     Enhancing Capability in academic affairs because practice makes perfect learning environment through Sports journeys/trips. Remember: A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body!

For more information, contact Games Coach