The University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) has a noble obligation to contribute to national development through teaching, research, innovation and public service. Guided by its grand Vision 2061, the University seeks to become a leading centre of intellectual wealth, spearheading the quest for sustainable and inclusive development. This Vision is coupled with an aspiration for becoming a world-class university that is competitive, relevant, and responsive to national, regional and international imperatives of the 21st century. To achieve all these, the University year sets out to conduct inter-disciplinary and multi-/trans-disciplinary research, and generate innovations by allocating research funds to her staff.
Today’s social problems and challenges are numerous, complex, and urgent hence appealing for well-informed research, needing a multifaceted approach in addressing them ranging from pandemics, poverty, climate change, inequalities, to insecurity, among others. There is also a general consensus that the disconnection and the gap between economic growth and social well-being of communities is increasingly widening. At the same time, research and innovation have become one of the main engines of social-economic development. It is, however, important to note that these two overarching trends have not yet been reconciled; there is a clear lack of exploitation of innovative solutions and research to explicitly address and solve these societal problems and challenges.

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