Programmes Offered

The Centre is offering a new undergraduate Programme, B.A. in Communication Studies, that is designed to train a competent work force in the field of communication. The proposed programme is committed to fostering an understanding and examination of the crucial role of communication in human relationships, organisations, cultures, society, and civic affairs, and to developing students’ personal and professional communication skills. This role, is crucial not only during studentship in academic institutions but also long after the students have graduated and have been employed in various capacities in workplaces. Prospective graduates of this programme will be able to work as communication experts in business marketing, customer service, corporate public affairs, media and informational writing, media analysis and planning, administration and public relations, politics, public opinion research, social and human services, education, writing and publishing, conflict resolution, health communication, among other areas in public and private institutions.


The aim of this programme is to prepare competent professionals who are capable of applying the right scientific techniques, theories and skills in the field of communication. Specifically, the programme seeks to:

  • Help students to communicate competently in groups and organizations.
  • Monitor and model interpersonal communication competence.
  • Help students possess skills to effectively deliver formal and informal oral presentations to a variety of audiences in multiple contexts.
  • Enable students to construct effective written messages in various formats and styles, to a variety of audiences.
  • Enable students communicate ethically, responsibly, and effectively as local, national, international, and global citizens and leaders.
  • Enable students to acquire knowledge and skills necessary to deal with diversities in various communication settings.
  • Promote students’ research skills necessary in the field of communication.
  • Enable students to design and execute corporate communication strategies and policies



The Centre for Communication Studies offers university-wide courses that aim at equipping students with the study skills necessary for them to be able to cope with university studies. Key skills offered include the nature of human communication, public speaking and presentation skills, reading skills, listening and note-taking skills and writing skills. The following are the courses offered to students from different academic units of the University.

  1. CL106 Communication Skills for Arts and Social Sciences
  2. CL107 Communication Skills for Sciences
  3. CL108 Business Communication
  4. CL111 Communication Skills for Engineers



The Centre is currently working on the development of postgraduate programmes, that is, Master of Arts in Communication Studies and Doctor of Philosophy in Communication Studies.



The Centre offers a wide range of language and communication related services to the university community and the general public. Some of the services are listed below:


Short Training

Our team is made up of experts in various fields of communication studies, professional writing and linguistics, who are able to help people or institutions to best communicate their goals through proper packaging and dissemination of information. Our trainings focus on, among other areas, writing skills, (e.g. writing reports, speeches, academic papers, project and research proposals, etc.) reading skills, listening and note-taking skills, public speaking and presentation skills and the nature of human communication. Other trainings offered to the general public (employers, employees and job seekers) include professional interviewing and employability skills.


Translation of Documents

We help to make information accessible in different languages by translating books, papers, press releases, reports, speeches, contracts, etc.


Editing Documents

We have well trained personnel ready to read and edit manuscripts or drafts of various documents, such as dissertations/theses, reports, speeches, research papers, and books. Our aim is to help clients’ works reach the acceptable standards.


Ghost Writing

Bring us your wonderful life and we will write it under your direction. Our team will write your biography as you unfold your life history through narration and follow up questions.


Rapporteuring in Meetings, Workshops, Seminars, Debates and Conferences

We provide rapporteuring services to different organizations during meetings, workshops, seminars, conferences and debates cutting across various fields of specialization.


Dissemination of Various Research Works

We help to re-write various technical documents in a language that is more familiar to the target community. That is, we translate research publications into popular versions to enable the local communities to access the knowledge generated by researchers in the higher institutions.