Metropolitan Circles Development and the Future of Urbanization

Metropolitan Circles Development and the Future of Urbanization | April 2020

Pages: 344

Edited By: Wei Shan (National University of Singapore, Singapore)

and Lijun Yang (South China University of Technology, China)





This book discusses lessons and challenges of metropolitan circles development and urbanization in Asia, Europe, North America, Latin America and Africa. The book examines the effects of local governance systems, central-local relations, and administrative borders on metropolitan area development. It surveys economic, social and environmental issues, with an emphasis on how interconnectivity, circular economy, and climate issues should be integrated into megaregion development planning.


The chapters are selected papers from the international conference on metropolitan circles development and urbanization jointly held by the Institute of Public Policy (IPP) at the South China University of Technology and UNESCO in 2018. Contributors from the US, the UK, Japan, France, Singapore, Indonesia, Mexico, Tanzania present their questions, observations, and analyses in a narrative and descriptive style which appeal to a wide range of audience.


Sample Chapter(s)




About the Editors

Introduction (Hans d'Orville)

Governance Structure:


Thriving Tokyo and Declining Osaka: The Role of the Local Governance System (Yoshihisa Godo)

How Wide is the Hudson River? The Effect of the State Border on the New York–New Jersey Metropolitan Region (Brendan O'Flaherty)

Metropolitan Circles: Experience from the UK (Cliff Hague)

Planning Mega-Regions in China and India (Xuefei Ren)

Urban Economy and Sustainability:

Land Redevelopment and the Built Environment in Third-Wave Cities: Review and Synthesis (Allen J Scott)

Circular Economy and Metropolitan Circles in Europe — Case Study: Amsterdam (Mehri Madarshahi)

Current Conditions and Future Drivers of Mega-City Regions in the US, Focusing on the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area (Hilda Blanco)

Linking the European SUMP Method to Strasbourg and Paris Metropolitan Circle Scenarios (Cristiana Mazzoni and Andreea Grigorovschi)

Emerging Metropolitan Circles and Urbanization:

Two Faces of Mega-Urban Region Formation in South Korea (Yu-Min Joo)

The Growing Megapolis Jakarta: Urbanization, Cities-Integration, and Future Issues (Gumilar Rusliwa Somantri)

Mexico: Metropolitan Circles Development, Interactive Cities, and Future of Urbanization (Clemente Ruiz Durán)

Urbanization in Africa: Commonalities and Departures (Humphrey P B Moshi)

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