Welcoming Note

Welcome to the official website of University of Dar es Salaam Health Centre (UHC). I am glad that you visited our website which will enable you to explore more information about the Centre including the services we offer.  The Centre offers a wide range of preventive, curative and rehabilitative services to University community and general public. The Centre also runs dispensaries located at Mabibo student’s hostel, the Institute of Marine Sciences-Zanzibar and a health post at H.E. Dr. J. P. Magufuli Hostels, School of Journalism and Mass Communication-Kijitonyama and College of Information, Communication and Technologies.

The Centre and its auxiliaries comprises of dedicated and compassionate staff, both medical and non-medical to serve the community. We believe on professional and ethical standards practiced through openness, honesty, tolerance and respect for the individual regardless of gender, religion, ethnicity and other social characteristics. Team work is our spirit.

Your feedback on our services will be highly appreciated to improve our services and meet community needs. On behalf of UHC, I officially welcome you to our website and I believe you will benefit from the information it provides.

Dr. Alfred J. Msasu

Medical Officer in charge

University Health Centre