TDTC Manager & Lecturer, College of Engineering and Technology

PhD in Mechanical Engineering (Mechatronics)


Engineering Drawing, Design and Machine Elements, Materials Handling, Manufacturing Technology, Automation of Manufacturing and Mechatronics


Manufacturing Engineering, Materials Handling, Automation and Systems Control


Recent projects:

i. Principal   Investigator,   Development   of Small-Scale   Palm  Oil   Refinery   Plant, May 2022, April, 2023

ii. Project   Leader,   Development   of   Mini Electric   Vehicles,   a   project   between TDTC UDSM and Geita Town Council. Geita, Ongoing project from September, 2020

iii. Training Consultant, GIZ, GOPA, KOICA Tanzania Project- Provision of Short Courses   in   Mechatronics,   Employment and   Skills   for   Employment   (E4DT) Project in Tanzania, from May, 2022 to 2023.

iv. Project Leader, Development of Electromechanical Ventilator for Patients with Shortness of Breath, a project between TDTC UDSM and Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department, On-going project to June 2023

v. Project Leader, Provision of Services for Measuring Damage Idents on Journal No. 6 of Generating Set No. 11 at Tanesco- Ubungo 1 Gas Plant, August 2022, BICO Consultancy.

vi. Project Leader, Provision of Services for Measuring Damage Idents on Journal No. 6 of Generating Set No. 11 at Tanesco- Ubungo 1 Gas Plant, August 2022, BICO Consultancy.

vii. Mechanical Project Consultant, PSSSF/Mamba Myamba Ginger Growers Society project on Developing  a Ginger Processing Factory at Mamba Myamba, Same, Completed in November, 2022. BICO Consultancy.

viii. Project Leader, Provision of Services for Non-Destructive Testing of Damages on a Gearbox Shaft at Tanesco, July 2021, TDTC Consultancy.

ix. Project Leader, Design and development of Paddy Threshing machine, TDTC project  on improving paddy harvesting with Mr. Kileo of Ifakara, Completed June 2021

x. Project Supervisor, Retrofitting of Optical Flame Cutting Machine to CNC Flame Cutting Machine, Student Innovation Project, completed in August, 2020.xi.   Project Leader, Provision of Services for Non-Destructive   Inspection   (NDI) on Combustion System of Gas Turbine Generators at Tanesco-Kinyerezi Gas Plant, March 2020,

Other Notable Projects and Assignments:

i. Team Member, Design and Development of Hand Washing Facilities for Combating COVID-19 Pandemic, TDTC UDSM, March-September, 2020.

ii. Technical       Expert       and       Advisor, Procurement, Installation and Commissioning of Oilless Air Compressor for the New Printing Machines, at the National Identification Authority (NIDA), Jan to Nov, 2020

iii. Technical Expert on Developing Terms of References (ToRs) for the Maintenance of the New Printing Machines, at National Identification   Authority   (NIDA),   Dec, 2020 to Jan, 2021.

iv. Member,  Technical  Advisory  Committee (TAC) for Mechanical Programmes of the Vocational Education Authority (VETA) from 2019- 2022.

v. Team   Member,   Developing   Technical Specifications for the SGR Rolling Stocks, TRC/RAHCO Assignment, December- January, 2018

vi. Project    Consultant,    Investigating    andProposing  Solutions  of  the  Failures  of Mechanical Seals of the Fermenter Units at Tanzania  Biotech  Plant,  December-April           2018, BICO Consultancy.

vii. Project       consultant,       Designing, Manufacturing and Installing of Duct Systems and Pipeline Network for EGB Plant Installation at Tanzania Cigarette Company Limited, August 2017- September, 2017, BICO Consultancy.

viii. Project   Leader,   Designing   and Manufacturing of Furniture for the JPJ Magufuli New Students Hostels at UDSM, October-March, 2017, BICO Consultancy.

ix. Project      Consultant,      Designing     and Installing Removable Insulation for the Boiler House Steam Supply System at Tanzania    Cigarette    Company,    March, 2017, BICO Consultancy.

x. Project        Leader,        Designing        and Manufacturing of Furniture for the New Students Hostels at UDSM, October- March, 2017, BICO Consultancy.

xi. Project    Consultant,    Investigation    and Analysis  of  Welding  Failure of the Kiln Retaining Rings for Tanga Cement Company, February, 2017, BICO Consultancy.

xii. Team Member, Investigation and Analysis of Rack Loading Platform for Tanzania Cigarette Company, January, 2017, BICO Consultancy.

xiii. Training Consultant, Welding Technology Training  Programme  for  Tanzania Cigarette Company Technical Staff, December, 2016, BICO Consultancy.

xiv. Project  Consultant,  Investigation  of Damages and Repair of an Injection Moulding Machine for EDDOS Ltd, November, 2017, BICO Consultancy.

xv. Project leader, Designed and Manufactured including  Commissioning  of  a Maintenance Cradle for Tanzania Cigarette Company, June to August, 2015, BICO Consultancy.

xvi. Project Leader, Design and Development Supervision of Extension of Cement Loading Conveyor line and bay at Tanga Cement Company Ltd, BICO consultancy from April, 2015 to June 2016.



BICO Consultancy Recent publications:

i. Bigambo, P., Elias, E., and Marandu, S.I., (2022), “Product Costing and Pricing in Small and Medium Enterprises in Tanzania”, (Under review by the Journal of     Engineering    and    Technology    of University of Dar es Salaam College of Engineering and Technology

ii. William,    E.K,    Nshama,    E.W,    and Marandu, S.I., (2022), Multi-objective Optimization of Production Rate and Gas Consumption and Costs for Computerized Numerical Control Oxy-Acetylene Flame Cutters, Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, MIE’2022

iii. Mandilindi, K. and Marandu, S. I., (2020) “Experimental  and  Analytical Investigation of a Choke Valve Erosion in the Gas Lift System” Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, MIE’2020

iv. Masasi  M. and  Marandu, S. I.; (2018), “Agriculture  and  Overgrazing  Activities in Ruvu Catchment and their Impacts on Water Flows and Quality” Proceedings of  the   5th   International   Conference   on 

v. Caroline V. and Marandu, S. I.; (2018), “The Role of Special Economic Zones in Fast Tracking Industrialization inTanzania” Proceedings of the 5ndvi.   Marandu, S.I., Gumno, G., and Bicker, R.  (2016)    “Experimental    and    Analytical Study of Surface Fatigue Life in Dental Composites”,    Journal    of    Composite Materials, Vol 50(16), pp. 2203–2214.