Welcome Note

Welcome to the College of Humanities at the University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania! Through its various programmes, the College aims to help students become not only informed and responsible citizens but also employable and competitive graduates. Our College academic members of staff educate and train students in the most important skills needed today in the global workforce and these are: Communication Professionalism Work Ethics Collaboration Leadership Problem Solving Diplomacy Cultural competence We offer specialized study in fields as diverse as foreign languages, literature, studies of cultures from all over the world, applied linguistics, African languages, public and digital humanities, translation and interpretation, ethics, intercultural competency, creative and performance arts, film studies and religious studies. I strongly believe that the need for humanistic expertise is growing amid global challenges. Humanists’ skills are the perfect complement to any other discipline and are at the core to the eventual solving of some of today’s challenges. These challenges are not limited to global warming, terrorism, racism, poverty, intolerance, cultural miscommunication, diseases, illiteracy and moral decay; just to mention a few. I also believe that our College is at the centre of shaping our students to become highly skilled communicators adept in any of the most provocative conversations about humanity in general. Not only do we here at the College of Humanities embrace new technologies and innovations in instruction but we also harness the passion that our staff have of their fields of expertise in ensuring that our students are leaders and possess the skills to solve the World’s most difficult challenges. Although we continue to face challenges as we prepare our students for the future and conduct research that changes our disciplines and the world, our ability to provide students with a high quality learning experience and building our research programmes remains solid. I applaud both staff and students for your determination and perseverance. I am personally optimistic that the University recognizes the pressure we are under and will be working with us over the coming years to ensure that we can fulfill the role that the Humanities need to play in the quest for distinction and generation of knowledge.