Lecturer and researcher at The Department of Molecular biology and Biotechnology, College Of Natural And Applied Sciences

PhD (Biotechnology) in 2012 , MSc (Applied Microbiology) in 2004, BSc (Chemistry and Applied Microbiology) in 2002


Undergraduate courses

  1. BN 130: Molecular Biology
  2. BN 131: Biochemistry I
  3. BN 230: Methods in Molecular Biology
  4. BN 235: Practical in Molecular Biology
  5. BN 238: Biochemistry II
  6. BN 240: Practical In Biochemistry
  7. MC 601: Microbial Biochemistry

Postgraduate Supervision Masters and PhD.


The primary focus of her research effort has been the exploration diverse products/extracts of both terrestrial/marine fungi and plants in order to resolve societal grand challenges particularly in the human healthy and environment. Her current research interests include characterization of bioactive compounds with antiviral and anticancer potentials especially in the induction of apoptosis from both plants and fungi. Interests are in the functional genomics which include the “omics” technologies (transcriptomics, genomics and proteomics) to identify the underlying molecular basis of many common diseases including cancer and Viral diseases.


  • Development of Herbals dosage formulations with Immunomodulation and Anti-Infectivity activities.
  • Screening for anticancer splicing and anti HIV-1 activity from Tanzanian medicinal plants.


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