The 2021 Science Camp for High School girls

The Department of Mathematics and Physics have been collaborating in organizing science camps for high school girls.  The first Science Camp was held in 2016. So far four one-week long Science Camps have taken place annually from 2016 to 2019. The participants of the camps are Advanced Level high school girls from government schools and their Physics and Mathematics teachers.

The main objective of the Science Girls Camps is to increase the number of female students entering the universities to study STEM subjects or pursue STEM-related professions.


The specific objectives are:

  • To strengthen their physics and mathematics knowledge and abilities in topics in the A-level syllabus,
  • To strengthen their practical skills through hands-on demonstrations and practical sessions,
  • To enlighten the girls studying mathematics and physics about their prospective career opportunities,
  • to provide mentorship for these students in order to build their interest and confidence,
  • to improve the capabilities of A-level teachers in mathematics and physics.


The teachers and the students point out topics that they would like to be help in. These topics are those which the either the students find difficult or the teachers find challenging to teach or understand. During the Science Camp Week, the students participate in demonstrations to increase their interest and understanding. In addition, the students do practical sessions in physics laboratories to develop the hands-on skills needed for the A-level physics curriculum. The participating teachers take part in the learning process and, hence, improve their competence in the topics that they find especially challenging. The teachers are also given handouts on these challenging topics and learn different methodologies of teaching them.

The 2021 is the 5th Science Camp for high School girls will take place from 4th to 8th January, 2020 at the Science Complex, University of Dar es Salaam.


A total of 9 schools will participate in the camp. These include Tambaza High School, Benjamin William Mkapa, Temeke Secondary School, Makongo Secondary School, Chang’ombe Secondary Schools ans JItegemee Secondary School from Dar es Salaam Region and  Ruvu, Bagamogo and Lugoba Secondary Schools  Pwani Region. A total of 49 students and 9 teachers are expected to attend the camp.


The project is coordinated by Dr. Margaret Samiji, Prof. Eunice Mureithi, and Dr. Nuru Mlyuka  in collaboration with staff members from mathematics and physics departments. The female staff members also act as role models and mentors for the girls.