Christopher M. P. Willium

Name: Christopher M.P. William, B.A, M.A (GEM) (Dar), Ph.D (Minnesota)

Title: Lecturer, Department of Geography, College of Social Sciences, University of Dar es Salaam

Areas of Specialization: Nature-society interactions; fire ecology; adaptation to climate variations and change, and REDD+; policy analysis; Geography of health and healthcare; Resource use conflicts; Project management; and Nature conservation. I am intrigued by the concept of society being central for enhanced resilience and adaptive capacity, and making informed decisions in natural resources management.


Mtumwa, M.M., William, C.M.P., Shaghude, Y.W. and Kangalawe, R.Y.M. 2018. Livelihood Continuity and Change in Northern Unguja, Zanzibar 1919-2016. Journal of the Geographical Association of Tanzania Volume 39 (in press).

William, C.M.P. 2017. The Implication of Fire on Patterns of Plant Species Diversity in Northwest Uluguru Nature Forest Reserve, Tanzania. Journal of the Geographical Association of Tanzania 37: 89-99.

Lema, G.A., William, C.M.P., Mwiturubani, D.A. and Ndumbaro, F. 2013. “The Place of the Environment in the New Constitution of Tanzania” Position Paper submitted to Constitutional Review Commission.

William, C.M.P. 2011. Unpacking Conflicts between Forest Officers and Local People over Fire Incidences in Uluguru nature Forest Reserve, Tanzania. UTAFITI Journal, 8,2: 99-117.

Mhando, V. and William, C. 2011. Parents’ Attitude Towards Community Secondary Schools in Turiani Division, Rural Tanzania. Tanzania Journal of Education 1, 1: 20-31.

William, C.M.P. 2010. The Effect of Age on White Female’s Trust in Medical Care in the   United States of America. UTAFITI Journal, UTAFITI 8,1: 56-62.

Yanda, P.Z. and William, C. 2010. Livelihood Diversifications and Implications on Food Security and Poverty Levels in the Maasai Plains: The case of Simanjiro District, Northern Tanzania. African Journal of Environmental Science and Technology 4, 3:154-166.

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