On June 4th, 2024, the DUCE Management, through the Office of the Directorate of Student Services, conducted an orientation seminar for the newly elected and appointed DARUSO leaders for the 2024/25 academic year.

In her opening remarks, Dean of Students, Ms. Natu Msuya expressed gratitude to the management for their cooperation in facilitating the student government election. She reported that 61 leaders (21 women and 40 men) were elected and appointed to various student organization posts.

Addressing participants, College Principal Prof. Stephen Oswald Maluka commended the Office of the Directorate of Student Services for managing the election process fairly and peacefully. He congratulated the new DARUSO leaders and emphasized that DARUSO should serve as a vital bridge between the College and students, presenting student challenges for timely resolution. He urged the leaders to work as a team, uphold ethics, be transparent and accountable, manage time efficiently, listen more than speak, and welcome feedback for decision-making.

The Deputy Principal (Academic, Research, and Consultancy), Dr. Christina Raphael, congratulated the new DARUSO leaders and urged them to set an example in all aspects, including academic excellence. She emphasized the College's pride in having top students among them and reminded them to uphold the College's reputation as its ambassadors to society.

Correspondingly, the Deputy Principal (Planning, Finance, and Administration), Prof. Method Samwel advised new leaders play a significant role in assisting fellow students. He asked them to adhere to rules and regulations in executing their duties.

Dr. Ikupa Moses, Head of the Diversity Unit, emphasized the importance of upholding ethics and accountability. She urged the leaders to serve students fairly and equally, considering the diverse needs of those with special requirements. She also highlighted the role of the Gender Desk in addressing gender-based violence cases.


Other speakers included Inspector Ally Njiku (Head-Auxiliary Police), who addressed security concerns, and Dr. Saningo Sangeti (Medical in Charge), who discussed health issues.

Overall, the orientation seminar was crucial in equipping the leaders with skills to effectively guide their peers, making DUCE a safe and conducive place for learning and living.