About DICA

The main function of our Directorate, DICA is to oversee all matters of Internationalization, Convocation and Advancement of the University of Dar es Salaam. DICA leads by providing strategic advice and setting institutional systems to support the University’s engagement, networking and collaboration with various local and international partners, supporters, alumni and friends. DICA operates under three main units; Internationalization, Convocation and Alumni, and Advancement and Fundraising.

Strategies and Functions

The University of Dar es Salaam Corporate Strategic Plan 2014–2023 commits itself to seven goals which speak directly to its 2061 vision of becoming a leading Centre of Intellectual Wealth spearheading Tanzania’s and Africa’s quest for sustainable and inclusive development.

Key functions of DICA in supporting the University to achieve these goals are:


  • Acting as Central Administrative support and front office for UDSM international collaborations;
  • Developing relevant policies and strategies for international collaboration and oversee their implementation;
  • Providing strategic advice to UDSM on international collaborations and partnerships;
  • Monitoring policy developments in higher education internationally and disseminating the same within UDSM;
  • Serving as a contact point for the provision of support to international students, staff and visitors;


  • Developing and supporting alumni associations and chapters in their efforts
  • Developing engagement programmes to encourage graduates to stay in touch including organizing and attending alumni events
  • Serve as Secretariat to the University Convocation
  • Working with current students to develop an understanding of alumni programmes


  • Coordinating and leading all strategic advancement and resources mobilization activities at UDSM;
  • Planning and organizing various fund-raising campaigns and events targeting the involvement of UDSM alumni;
  • Initiating contacts with identified prospects and cultivating long-term relationships with them;
  • Building and maintaining an accurate database of all categories of potential and actual grant givers to UDSM for the purposes of networking and fundraising.