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Title: Mr
Name: Pius Laurent Mligo
College/School/Division: Directorate Of Students Services
Role: Senior Warden I
Current Summarised CV:

Mr. Pius Laurent Mligo is a Holder of a Diploma in Adult Education from (IAE), Bachelor’s Degree in Adult Education (B.Ed) from the Faculty of Education University of Dar es Salaam. He is also a Holder of Masters of Arts in Education (M.A. Ed) from the University of Dar es Salaam.

He is a Senior Warden I at the Directorate of Students Services, Mwalimu J.K. Nyerere Campus. Currently, He is in the Health and Catering Unit and is responsible for all matters relating to Students'  NHIF cards, Sanitation of UDSM students' Cafeterias,  Visiting sick students admitted to hospitals, and food safety.

He was a Folk Development Colleges budget officer and Coordinator of Studies at the Ministry of Education Science and Technology, conducting M&E and Inspecting training in 55 Colleges at the Ministry of Community Development, Gender, and Children.

He also represented the Ministry of Community Development, Gender and Children in a National team in reviewing Countries' ESDP & ESA  conducted by UNESCO in collaboration with MoEST and PM-ORALG.  Coordinated  LANES  program conducted in 55 Folk Development Colleges at the MCDGC

He was a Focal person in a national team on Adult Education Literacy Survey from developing questionnaires, training data collectors, data analysis, and report writing conducted by MoEST and UNESCO. He also participated in developing a syllabus  for Integrated Post Primary Education by the Institute of Adult Education

He was a Tutor and Coordinator of studies at Sengerema Folk Development Colleges (taught Civic Education, Gender and Development, English, and Kiswahili). Also Participated in a Baseline survey on HIV/AIDS in Iringa Urban and Rural Conducted by AMREF Tanzania

Seminars/ Training attended

Guidance and Counseling, Report writing, Risk Management, Public service client charter, Oprass, SBAS training on budgeting, Computer on excel, ms Word, power point and Internet, administration and Management, Education and Management Information System(ESMIS), Public Services Ethics

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