Core Values

The University of Dar es Salaam Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre (UDIEC) has a number of core values, which guide its staff in all decisions and operation

Professionalism – upholding the highest professional standardsWe promptly keep our promises

  1. We use experts in innovation and entrepreneurship in our activities
  2. We undertake professional development to maintain and improve competencies
  3. We use sound professional judgment in our activities  

Multidisciplinary/ team work – making use of the different skills and competencies of our staff

  1. We appreciate and utilize the diverse competencies of our staff
  2. We promote team spirit
  3. We encourage cross fertilization

Customer focused – Providing quality services to our customers

  1. We try to understand and meet the needs of our clients
  2. We ensure that our customers/clients are treated fairly and equally to the satisfaction of   their specific needs
  3. We provide services in time and of good quality
  4. We request feedback on our services from our customers and work on the feedback

Accountability - Being accountable for our actions

  1. We fulfil our roles and responsibilities to the best of our abilities.
  2. We accept responsibility for our actions.
  3. We keep others informed.
  4. We make and support business decisions through experience and good judgment.

Ethical – Operating with the highest ethical standards

  1. We operate in an honest and transparent way.
  2. We do not discriminate against our clients and employees on the grounds of age, gender, nationality, tribe, religion, place of origin, disability, occupation, or on any other status.

Good Governance – Ensuring the highest standards for Good Governance

  1. We ensure compliance with rules, regulations and laws
  2. We plan and make decisions in a transparent and participatory manner
  3. We closely monitor and evaluate the functioning of our organization
  4. We abide by policies