China in my eyes

Tanzania Chinese learning Student expressed his experience about China


The theme of this report is ‘China in My Eyes’. In this report I did my best level to describe my multiple dimension experience in China including what I saw, heard, learnt and felt of China’s traditional culture, philosophy, scenery, social customs, modern elements, and the inspiration and benefit I got from the trip to China.

I started learning Chinese language and culture when I was in the last year (2016) of my degree studies at University of Dar es Salaam, people were shocked to see me learning Chinese language and they asked “what motivated you to learn Chinese language?”, this was my answer and it will remain to be my answer forever, “I was motivated to learn Chinese language because Chinese language is the most useful language by today’s global marketplace and China is the 2nd largest economic country in the World. China has the fast growing economy, technological advancement and the global ranking education institutes”, so I believed that learning Chinese language in this competitive era is inevitable. Being a student of Chinese language was an advantage to my life and it was like a dream comes true because I was selected to be one of the twenty members of the Chinese summer campers 2017 to visit China for twenty days from 31st July to 20th August.


Stories of Summer Camp - A New World - China

My name is Agness and I am sixteen years old. I am St. Christina Girls’ Secondary school in Tanga city in Tanzania. It is my new school since I just joined this year. I was so excited because at St. Christina, Chinese language is taught. As soon as I arrived at the school I joined the Chinese class and had my first HSK level 1 exam and passed by getting all 200 points. My parents were very proud and they decided to pay for the Chinese summer camp although it was very expensive. I was so happy because every day I just enjoy watching China on television and watched their documentaries, Kung fu lessons and opera. I always wondered what it was like to be in China.

On our first arrival day in China, we toured around Shanghai city. It was very hot to my amazement. I never thought China could be as hot as Africa. In Shanghai, I saw the tallest building that I had never seen in my entire life. We went to the top of the building and from there I could see the whole city, the rivers, the cars, the ships, and other tall buildings. After that we had a Chinese supper and it was very good. There was rice, fish, prawns, pork, and chicken, green tea cooked in a Chinese style that made our stomachs ask and ask again for more food. The good thing about the Chinese food is that it is healthy and cooked with some natural herbs that are medicine to our bodies. That is why the Chinese people have a long like expectancy.

Sadly on my second day in Shanghai after shopping in the big stores and malls and getting some Chinese lunch, in the evening just before supper I had a very bad and high fever. I did not know what it was and just thought maybe it is because of the changing of the weather conditions coming to another country in another continent. That night my Chinese teachers were very worried. They kept looking after me for almost the whole night. They gave me medicines, kept me warm and they very lovely that it made me think of my mom. In the morning, feeling a bit better, we went to a museum full of ancient umbrellas but I had to leave my friends and go with my teacher to the hospital for checkup.

As we arrived at the hospital, seeing it first was very huge and had very good and fast service. I was very impressed by the Chinese doctors. I got my blood test and it was found out that I had malaria. Since malaria is not found in China, I had to be isolated and not get out of the hospital until I fully recovered so as to make sure I could not infect other Chinese people. During my time at the hospital the doctors, nurses, and my lovely teacher Zhu Tingting took really great care of me. My brain, liver and gall bladder had to be scanned just so as to make sure I was okay. I thought the technology was very cool.

After my departure from the hospital, we had to go and meet my friends who were already in Jinhua city. I had not been with them for three days being in the hospital. We had to go to Jinhua by the fast railway speed train. So I was the only lucky student to board a fast train. It was very cool. I could see the beautiful landscape and buildings. It took us just about an hour to reach Jinhua.

At Jinhua city we were taught many lessons like Chinese culture, Chinese history and its festivals. We were also taught Chinese dancing. We did many sports like volleyball, basketball, badminton, table tennis, and tennis. They were very interesting to watch and play.

In China I have met so many people and made many good friends. I have experienced the Chinese culture and learned quite a lot. China is a very developed country with cool science and technology but still treasuring and respecting their ancient traditions. China is the first country to discover paper cutting, gun powder and the compass. It also is the first country to discover high speed railway trains, online shopping and sharing bikes.

The most amazing and loving part about China is the warm and caring hearts of its people who can manage time and come up with new ways to help others. I experienced this when I visited schools like Yiwu School, Wuzhou Foreign Language School and Qiubin Primary School. The students are very active and are willing to learn new things and are very much disciplined.

The summer camp was the most fun I have had in all my life. Seeing China in my eyes was a dream come true. I hope I could study here when I grow up. Maybe Icould stay at my teacher’s house Zhu Tingting or Chen Dandan when I will be in China because I love them so much. I hope in the future when I will meet them they could teach me more and more so I could be a better person. Being a better person will help me to help my country.