Rosmini Secondary School

Affiliated Chinese Language Center:Rosmini Secondary School


Cooperation started from:2018


General introduction:

1.Chinese course offered

Chinese compulsory courses for form 1 and form 2, Chinese optional courses for form 3, Chinese interest courses for all Chinese learners, and Chinese training courses for teachers.

2.Excellent students

 Excellent Chinese learners are on their way.

3.Cultural activities

On Oct. 27th, we held Chinese learning experience sharing activities with Chinese learners from St. Christina Girls Secondary School. In the activity, students enjoyed the performances, knew more about experiences of taking part in Chinese Summer Camp and Chinese Bridge Competition from St. Christina Girls Secondary School's students.

4. School environment

Floor space: 27 acres

Teachers: There are 57 teachers in the school, including 2 Chinese teachers. Now, the number of students is 716. We have 6 grades in school, from form 1 to form 6.

Facilities: Rosmini Secondary School has variety of enough facilities to meet the needs of students and teachers. We have 4 teaching buildings, administration blocks, laboratories, a library, a main hall, a playground, a dining hall, a shop, eight dormitories and so on. Each classroom is able to contain around 40 students. The school provides different kinds of teaching materials for teachers. If the projector is needed, teachers can use it for teaching. To promote the all-round development for students, school provides computer courses. And to provide more opportunities to study languages, we started Chinese courses in October this year. Besides, there is an infirmary in school.

5. Others

Rosmini Secondary School is a core Boarding School which is one of the few Boys and Girls schools in the country. And it is one of the top 10 secondary schools in Tanzania. It is near TPDF Army barracks as Tanzania Peoples’ Defense Force, the livestock Research Institute, Tanga Fresh Milk Industry and Tanga Airport.