Contact details
Title: Prof
Name: Ntahondi Mcheche Nyandwi
College/School/Division: Institute of Marine Sciences
Role: Associate Professor, Ag Deputy Director and Head of Geosciences, Oceanography and Informatics (GOI)
Current Summarised CV:

Prof Nyandwi has worked with the Institute of Marine Sciences, University of Dar es Salaam since 1984. He conducts lectures on Research Methodology, Applied Physical Oceanography and Marine Geology to undergraduate and postgraduate students. He has been the Deputy Director of the Institute for 12 years from 2001 to 2012. In that capacity he has been responsible for the Institute’s research coordination, moderating research project proposals and ensuring research quality control through overseeing oceanographic equipment procurement and deployment. His research interests stem from his training history. Prof Nyandwi graduated as geologist (B.Sc. Geology) from the University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania in 1984 and later undertook a Masters degree (M.Sc.) in marine geotechniques at the University College of North Wales, Bangor, UK where he graduated in 1988. His first marine hydrodynamic work was on sediment transport through the Menai Bay in Wales during his Masters dissertation where he used a moored vertical gradient unit and a series of pumps and sieves on board a small boat. During his PhD he stayed at the Senckenberg Institute in Wilhelmshaven, Germany where he gained vast experience with marine operations and worked on sedimentation processes in the German Wadden Sea from 1991-1995. Prof Nyandwi graduated magna cum laude from the University of Bremen in 1995. He has been onboard several research cruises, he is involved in the Second International Indian Ocean Expedition initiatives and is looking forward to any ship of opportunity in the Indian Ocean. Lately Prof Nyandwi is also serving on Climate Change National Adaptation Plan (NAP)Team and is involved in leading a team of experts for undertaking the stocktaking exercise for the preparation of the NAP document for Tanzania. He has produced over sixty publications in form of journal papers, conference proceedings, etc.




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