Call No. Guide

The Library uses the classification schedule devised and used by the Library of Congress. Washington, D.C. It divided the field of knowledge as follows:
Classes A-Z

A General Works
B Philosophy, psychology, religion
C History, auxiliary sciences: chronology, numismatic, heraldry, biography
D History: general and old world; Africa
E-F History: America
G Geography, anthropology, folklore
H Social science: statistics, economics, sociology
J Political science, constitutional history, international law
K Law
L Education
M Music
N Fine Arts
P Language and Literature
Q Science
R Medicine
S Agriculture
T Technology
U Military Science
V Naval Science
Z Bibliography, Librarianship

Subjects are separated from each other and are subdivided into even smaller and more specialized aspects by a process of dividing the classification numbers: e.g.
A-Z Main class
AE-AZ Narrower classes of subjects
ABI-999 (numerical) Detailed division of subject
AB100.1.A2 (decimal) Author arrangement (e.g.Abraham) under a class number.
The classification number is typed in the left margin of the catalogue and is written on the spine of the book.
Location symbols are used and prefixed to the classification numbers for works which are kept separate from the main book stock as follows:

Main Library
BIOD Biodiversity database
EAF East Africana
EAF.CORY Cory manuscirpts
EDB Environment database
Fol Folio
FOL Faculty of Law
FOS Fosbrooke
IDS Institute of Development Studies
LAW Law collection
EAF.LIB Liberation Movements, African
MAP Maps
MEE Microfiches
MIC Microcards
MIF Microfilms
MSS Manuscripts
PAM Pamphlets
PER Periodicals
QTO Quarto
REF References collection
REP Reprint
THS Thesis
UNO United Nations Collection
Other Libraries
AGR Sokoine University of Agriculture, Morogoro (SUA)
AGR/FAO (Food and Agricultural Organization) Publications in SUA
AGR/SPE (Special Collection) in SUA
MED Medical Library Muhimbili
MED/WHO (World Health Organization) Publication
MUS National Museum

There can be a combination of location symbols, e.g. EAF.REP indicating a reprint in the East Africana collection, or LAW.QTO indicating a quarto size book in the Law collection, EAF.THS refers to thesis in East Africana.