Creative Arts Scholar Ms. Safina Kimbokota secures a pre-doctoral visit to Hasselt University

Thu, 27.Jun.2024 23.46

By Jackson Isdory, CMU

A University of Dar es Salaam scholar Ms. Safina Said Kimbokota has secured a Prestigious Pre-Doctoral Visit at Hasselt University, Belgium.

This opportunity, which is facilitated by Hasselt University in partnership with the VLIR-UOS Global Minds programme, will take place from May 15, 2024, to July 15, 2024, with the aim to foster international research collaboration and capacity building.

During her stay, Ms. Kimbokota who hails from the Department of Creative Arts, College of Humanities, will work under the mentorship of Prof. Dr. Bert Willems. The programme generously covers all necessary expenses aimed at providing a robust platform for enhancing research skills and widening the academic scope.

Ms. Stefanie Commeene from the International Office at Hasselt University said that "We are delighted to welcome Kimbokota at HU. This visit aligns with our mission to promote knowledge exchange and foster international networking. It is a fantastic opportunity for both Kimbokota and our university community."

This initiative is part of a broader effort to promote cultural diplomacy, economic development, and innovation. The knowledge exchange facilitated by such programmes leads to the development of new technologies, theories and methods that benefit society globally.

“The visit provides a platform for a scholar to network with current Ph.D. students, faculty, and administrators, gaining insights into the academic culture and resources at Hasselt University”, stated the information from Hasselt University.

The Artistic practice of recycling waste

Ms Safina Kimbokota is renowned for her artistic practice of recycling waste materials into household items and decorations. She has also been awarded a BILA scholarship to pursue a Ph.D. at Hasselt University.

“The connections I will build during this academic visit are crucial for a smooth transition into my Ph.D. programme. Understanding the current international research landscape is vital for me to ensure that my proposed Ph.D. study complements and contributes to the existing body of knowledge,” She said.

Meanwhile, Dr. Daines Sanga, Head of the Department of Creative Arts at UDSM, stated that the pre-doctoral visit represented a significant step in Ms. Kimbokota academic journey and cemented Hasselt University's pledge to fostering international academic collaborations, especially with the University of Dar es Salaam.

"Such programmes are crucial for global knowledge exchange, and we appreciate Hasselt University for supporting this initiative, and I hope more universities shall adopt similar programmes”, said Dr. Sanga.

Ms. Kimbokota’s achievement reflects UDSM’s commitment to deepen internationalisation, interconnectedness and collaborative academic world.

Dr. Augustina Alexander, UDSM’s Director of Internationalisation, Convocation and Advancement remarked that as Hasselt University and the Global Minds programme continued to play a fundamental role in fostering global academic partnerships, “it is pleasing to see Tanzanian scholars receiving international opportunities.”