UDSM hosts mobility programs and scholarship opportunities affair

Tue, 12.Jul.2022 09.50

By Mercy Machange, Communication and Information Office,

The University of Dar es Salaam, through its Directorate of Internationalization, Convocation and Advancement (DICA), and the Students and Alumni Forum (ASAF)  organized a mobility programs and scholarship event recently for encouraging participants to apply for the available opportunities.  

In this fundamental event, which took place in Dar es Salaam on Friday 17 June, 2022, and attracted both UDSM members of staff and students, ASAF provided detailed information about mobility programs and the opportunities and criteria for joining such programs as well as the expected benefits.

The UDSM Director of Internationalization, Convocation and Advancement (DICA), Dr. Lulu Kaaya  said that the event was very crucial and in line with DICA’s role of acting as a bridge that connects both students and staff of the University of Dar es Salaam with various scholarship and mobility opportunities.

“We are very glad that you came to this important event. Our office doors are always open to all who wish to seek assistance in joining or applying for these opportunities”, said Dr. Kaaya.

Meanwhile, beneficiaries of the mobility programs offered different testimonials and experiences on how they secured the program scholarships and the way it has impacted both their personal and academic life. The scholarships helped them to complete their postgraduate studies timely and successfully.

“The mobility program has been so beneficial to me in various ways such as improving my research skills, increasing my network exponentially and my employability rate, because, as soon as I completed the program I was contacted by various organizations that offered me a position”, said Erick Edward Mgema.

The event also provided an opportunity for questions and answers session through which both UDSM members of staff and students learned and explored more about the opportunities, joining qualifications, application process and focus areas of these programs.

The University of Dar es Salaam, in collaboration with different international organizations and universities, has been conducting mobility programmes for several years now, which have been beneficial to many members of staff and students.