Use of Digital Mechanism on UDSM Exams Invigilation follow up, QA Unit hailed

Thu, 02.Mar.2023 22.06

By Special Correspondent, CMU  

In a move to improve examination quality follow up, the University of Dar es Salaam Quality Assurance Unit (QAU) has introduced the use of digital modern mechanisms such as iPads and smart phones to collect relevant information timelier and more efficiently.

UDSM members of academic staff have commended the QAU for the new initiatives and urged the University to support and maintain these developments, for the high quality of examinations and betterment of the students’ academic performance.

“I am very happy with these development and innovative measures for they will not only minimize the use of papers and high cost in the examination process, but also will save time in the analysis of information collected by the Quality Assurance officers”, said Dr. Elgidius Ichumbaki, of the Department of Archaeology and Heritage Studies, College of Humanities (CoHU).

The QAU Director, Prof. Pendo Malangwa, said the Unit had introduced the use of iPads and smart phones as modern mechanisms in this regard to help it collect relevant information timelier and more efficiently so as to meet the current technological demands.

“By using these modern and digital gadgets in this process, therefore, our data base where all the examination information is stored is also in the digital system, hence, currently our officers no longer use papers in their functions,” said Prof. Malangwa.

She added that the digital devices introduced are the Census and Survey Processing system (CSPro) which have now moved the UDSM QAU from paper-based data collection during examinations. The move would also help in preserving the long history UDSM has registered – an environmental-friendly public institution.

UDSM examinations processes advanced

Meanwhile, Prof. Pendo Malangwa commended UDSM for the highly improved processes in conducting the First Semester University Examinations (UE), noting that most key necessities for one ‘exams comfortable campus’ were largely considered.

Prof. Malangwa said UDSM had so much improved the UE process that the invigilation procedures and exams rooms arrangements were well observed and organised to satisfy the required standards. The First Semester University exams began on 16th February, and are expected to end on 3rd March, 2023.

“The University units have demonstrated great improvement in observing examination procedures and regulations. Invigilators are being very punctual in examinations rooms; students are guided well regarding various challenges they face; and the number of candidates is proportional to the rooms allocated”, said Prof. Malangwa.

Prof. Malangwa further said that it was encouraging that the University had refurbished most examinations rooms to make them more suitable for the purpose, including supplying them with new chairs, ACs and sun breakers.

“Security has also improved by putting in place measures for ensuring security of the examination processes, such as engaging Auxiliary Police officers as well as establishing areas where students leave their bags and other valuables. In addition, examination irregularity cases have so far been minimized to a larger extent”, she added.

In addition, students have also commended the University for putting in place more safety measures such as allocating secure rooms for their bags and other properties to be kept in while they sat for exams in respective rooms.