2021 Alumni of the month

Back in June 2019, the University, through its Directorate of Internationalisation, Convocation and Advancement (DICA), initiated a programme of the “Alumni of the Month” in an attempt to feature the University’s alumni (degree and occasional-programme graduates) who are identified to have made a contribution in one way or another by way of their participation in its academic programmes as well as through their professional service in diverse ways to the public, the surrounding community and/or to the world of international exchange.

The programme was initiated also as a way of publicising the contribution the University has made, over time, through its training programmes that have led to scores of human resources—men and women—who have served and are continuing to serve as pace-makers in the social and international progress.

To this effect, in addition to an alumni portal on the University website, a “light corner” was designed to feature a profile each for two alumni for a duration of one month, their current whereabouts, their position or manner of engagement, what is remembered of them as past ‘partakers’ in the University’s programme activities and their own contribution to their Alma Mater, their nation, the Africa region and/or the wider world.

We invite you to enjoy reading the milestones of greater impacts through the stories of our alumni.


Cathleen Sekwao

January 2021 Alumna


Samuel Mwita Wangwe

January 2021 Alumnus


Verdiana Grace Masanja

February 2021 Alumna


Davis George Mwamfupe

February 2021 Alumnus


Marina Alois Njekela

March 2021 Alumna


March 2021 Alumnus


Lilian David Amri

April 2021 Alumna


Kamazima M.M. Lwiza

April 2021 Alumnus

Joyce Lazaro, Ndalichako

July 2021 Alumna

Wilfred F. I. Mlay

July 2021 Alumnus

Patricia McFadden

August 2021 Alumna


Bertram B.B. Mapunda

August 2021 Alumnus


Lambertha H. Mahai

September 2021 Alumna


Abu A. K. Mvungi

September 2021 Alumnus

Stella M. Manyanya

October 2021 Alumna



Shamsi Vuai Nahodha

October 2021 Alumnus



Juliana Daniel Shonza

November 2021 Alumna


Joseph L. Mbele

November 2021 Alumnus