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Title: Dr
Name: Issa Mbura
College/School/Division: School of Journalism and Mass Communication
Role: Assistant Lecturer
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A brief profile of Issa A. Mbura

Issa. A. Mbura is an Instructor in Television, Film, Visual Communication, Popular Culture and Theatre Arts studies. Currently, Issa is looking forward to complete his Ph.D journey at University of Dar es Salaam by November 30th 2022. His research thesis Investigates “The impact of Digitalization on the Development of Tanzanian film Industry. Issa also holds a Master degree in Theatre Arts and Bachelor of Arts in Fine and Performing Arts with a bias in TV and Film studies. He has published a book (based on his Masters Dissertation) on the Changing Dynamics in Tanzanian Film Industry: A Study of Dar es Salaam Film Audiences[1] and articles about Tanzania film industry and he has worked as Assistant Lecturer at University of Dar es Salaam, School of Journalism and Mass Communication where he teaches TV, Visual Communication and Popular Culture. His research and paper publications interest are on film, TV and Popular Culture. His recent publication is titled “Impact of Digitalization on the Three-tier structure of Tanzania’s film industry”[2]. He runs a film, TV and video production studio for the past 8 years, Saseni Media Company, through which, apart from videos and documentaries, he has successfully produced 4 feature films, 3 short films and 3 TV programs. He is a recipient of the 2013 ZIFF[3] Chairman’s/Bi Kidude award for the Most Promising film Director of the Feature length film “Crush” which was also distributed in Tanzanian film market and beyond and TV Broadcast across African Channels. The three short films he produced have been screened at AAFF[4] and ZIFF. He has taught TV and Film studies at both theoretical and practical/technical levels, Screen and Stage Acting, Scriptwriting, Video Production and Editing and Cinematography for aspirants at Certificate, Diploma and Degree level for the past 7 years. He has been engaged in major national and international documentary/video projects such as production of Documentary on Walter Rodney, Jane Goodall’s Roots and Shoots, 50 years of UDSM etc. For the past 13 years He has produced and/or provide production consultancy services for productions of TVCs, PSAs and TV and Radio Programs for AMREF, NHIF, IOM, TASAF, NEC etc. He participated in Reality Shows and Awards Competition as TAFA[5] 2015, EATV Awards 2016 and Kiwanda cha Filamu/Taxi on Azam TV (2017) where he featured among the Judges. Issa is currently on development phase for his forthcoming film and Tv projects. He also works as a screen actor whereby has featured on films such as Homecoming (2016), Stolen Souls (2018) and recently in the TV series “Juakali” broadcast on Maisha Magic Bongo on DSTV as well as feature film “Still Okay To Date (2022) premiered October 2022.





[3] Zanzibar International Film Festival

[4] Arusha African Film Festival

[5] Tanzania Film Awards

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