Dr Severine Kessy




Severine Kessy

College/School/Institute/ Directorate/Unit:

University of Dar es Salaam Business School


General Management


Senior Lecturer

Current Summarised CV/Profile:

Kessy is a senior lecturer, Department of General Management at the school of business, University of Dar es Salaam. His areas of specialization include statistics, business and operations research. Kessy has undertaken extensive consultancy services with both local and international organizations in different areas as indicated to his CV.  Related consultancies undertaken by Kessy include Baseline Survey, Impact Assessment Methodology, Alcohol Situation Assessment and extensive data collection management and analysis. Additionally, Kessy provided Consultancy Service for Development of Strategic Plans for Muhimbili National Hospital, Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC), Agricultural Inputs Trust Fund (AGITF) and University of Dar es Salaam Assembly (UDASA) to mention a few. Another consultancy conducted includes Service for Evaluation of Consumer Financing Model: Transformation of Rural Photovoltaic (PV) to UNDP. He further designed M&E Tools for Social Accountability Research under The World Bank Institute. Other works include provision of Consultancy Service for Impact Assessment: Phase 1 – Design for Financial Sector Deepening Trust (FSDT) – Tanzania, Collection of Data on Financial Sector Skills Stock-Take for FSDT/ESRF/OPM. He recently conducted Impact Evaluation of an urban grid upgrading and rural extension project in three regions of Tanzania. All these related assignments demonstrated the capacity of Dr. Kessy in providing quality output for the assignment.

Professional Details:

PhD (UDSM), Post Graduate Diploma in Poverty Analysis (ISS), Licentiate of Philosophy: (Umeå School of Business), MBA (UDSM), BA – Statistics (UDSM)

Specialised areas of teaching: strategy development and Strategic Management, Quantitative methods, operations research, research methodology, decision making techniques, Monitoring and Evaluation, Leadership and Supervisory Skill

Research interests: Microfinance, micro and small enterprises, good governance and local government authorities, HIV/AIDS Prevalence, Empowerment of Disadvantaged groups like Women and Vulnerable Children and poverty reduction

Recent projects:

  1. Lean thinking in Medicines Supply Chains: Applicability and Success Factors: Funded by Africa Resource Centre
  2. Good Governance and the Effectiveness of Procurement Systems in the local Government Authorities. The Case Study of Selected LGAs in Tanzania: Funded by UDSM Research Grant
  1. Socioeconomic Changes on Women Entrepreneurs Movements in Tanzania during the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Case of Makete District: Funded by UDSM Research Grant

Recent publications:

Kessy, S. S.A. (2021). Risk Management Practices in Agricultural Financing in Developing Countries: Experience from Selected Commercial Banks in Tanzania, Tanzanian Economic Review, 19 (2), 122–142

Kessy, S. S. A. and Raymond, R. (2021).  The Roles of Occupational Health and Safety Management System in Reducing Workplace Hazards in Tanzania Manufacturing Industries, University of Dar es Salaam Library Journal, 16 (2), 70 - 88

Kessy, S. S. A. (2021). Adoption of Internet Banking Service in Tanzania: The Influencing Factors among Customers of Commercial Banks, University of Dar es Salaam Library Journal, 16 (1), 84 - 97

Msangi, J. J., Kessy, S. S. A, and Kitindi, E. (2020), Human Resource Management Practices and Employees’ Engagement in Small and Medium Enterprises in Tanzania, Business Management Review, 23(1), 54 - 69

Magova, B. G and Kessy, S. S. A. (2020), Effects of human resources management practices on supply chain flexibility: evidence from tourist hotels in Tanzania, Business Management Review, 23(1), 31 – 53

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Important Contribution:

Academic Prize: Overall Best Student Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences 1998/99