Contact details
Title: Mr
Name: Amoni Jacob Ulime
College/School/Division: College Of Natural And Applied Sciences
Role: Tutorial Assistant
Current Summarised CV:

Mr Amoni Jacob Ulime is currently a Tutorial Assistant at the Department of Zoology and Wildlife Conservation within the College of Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Dar Es Salaam. He has been a member of staff at UDSM since March 2020. He carries out tutorials and supervises various practical for undergraduate students in the fields of Evolution and Genetics. He also assists in research, consultancy and public services. Mr Amoni is a graduate of Bachelor of Education in Science -Biology stream from Mkwawa University College of Education in the year 2018.

His research interests are on Conservation, Molecular and Evolutionary Genetics, since few studies have been conducted in these thematic areas especially in Tanzania, more effort is required to engage the knowledge in solving societal problems.

Mr Amoni Jacob Ulime is currently starting his MSc in Applied Zoology at the University of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania from academic year 2020/2021 to 2021/2022.

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