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Title: Dr
Name: Fasco Chengula
College/School/Division: Institute of Resource Assessment
Role: Lecturer
Current Summarised CV:

Dr. Fasco Chengula is a Lecturer at the Institute of Resource Assessment (IRA), University of Dar Es Salaam. He holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Social and Environmental Anthropology from the University of Roehampton, London, United Kingdom. His doctoral research delved into the anthropology of weather and climate (local fishers’ knowledge of marine weather and climate forecasting) within the diverse fishing community of Mafia archipelago, Tanzania.

His educational background includes a bachelor’s degree in Geography and Environmental Studies, as well as a master’s degree in Climate Change and Sustainable Development. Dr. Chengula imparts knowledge in courses such as Vulnerability and Climate Change, Climate Change and Sustainable Development, Climate Change and Human Security, and Contemporary Issues in Resources Management.

Dr. Chengula's research expertise spans a wide spectrum, with a primary focus on the Anthropology of Weather/Climate Change and Livelihoods. His work also extends to the domains of natural resource assessment and management, as well as the exploration of Indigenous and local knowledge systems. To delve deeper into his scholarly contributions, you can explore his published articles, conveniently accessible at

Beyond academia, Dr. Chengula has provided consultancy services on various topics, including Socio-economic baseline and livelihood studies, Environmental and Social Due Diligence (ESDD) reviews, Environmental and Social Impact Assessment, and the development and implementation of Resettlement Action Plans and Livelihood Restoration Plans for Project Affected People and communities. Notable clients include Tanzania Electrical Supply Company (TANESCO), the East African Crude Oil Pipeline Project (EACOP), Better Coal (London, UK), Endiligence-Due Diligence and ESG Strategies Ltd (South Africa), Paulsam Geo-engineering Limited (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania), Africa Forestry Investment Platform (AFIP) based in Singapore, MFC Social & Environmental Performance Ltd. (Ottawa, Canada), Digby Wells Environmental (South Africa and Tanzania Branch), Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF) - United States and Tanzania country offices, Nyanzaga Gold Mine Company Limited, and various national government agencies and authorities.

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