IDS Maendeleo Talk


The word Maendeleo is swahili word which denotes “development, positive progression”. Therefore, the University of Dar es salaam Maendeleo Talk Forum hereby refer as MTF is a youth lead organization dully registered at the University of Dar es salaam whose central goal is imparting developmental mindset and enterprising spirit among youth particularly University students. MTF focuses on strengthening students’ skills for self-actualization and community/National development.

Inspired by Tanzania Development Vision, Sustainable Global Goals and Mwalimu Nyerere’s philosophy of college education which provides “... to transmit from one generation to the next the accumulated wisdom and knowledge of the society and prepare the young people for future membership of the society and their active participation in its maintenance and development” (1973).

In respect to that, the MTF provide a platform that inculcate a spirit of duty to the community to ensure that youth are actively involved and they deeply participate in the maintenance and development of our communities and national both socially, economically and politically.



“To become an effective youth association that strives to nurture pro-development Youth who CAN AND WILL take charge of advancing social – economic development of this nation while productively addressing their individual needs.”


To realize the aspirations, the Forum undertakes the following: -

  1. Capacity Development:

The forum conducts seminars, workshops and training session aimed at skilling up students with labour market demanded soft skills such as effective communication skills, work ethics, leadership, self-awareness, attitude, etc. The forum further, equip students with hard professional skills that are either not provided in lectures or reinforce lectures. Such training includes development policy analysis, computer literacy and technological related skills, business and entrepreneurial skills etc.

Also, the trainings and workshops are aimed at strengthening competitiveness of students in cut-throat labour competition that has left majority of college graduates unemployed/underemployed.

  1. Development Talks:

To inculcate developmental mindset, the Forum equip students with broader knowledge and understand of various development matters such as poverty, leadership, good governance, gender related matters, industrialization, development planning, globalization, etc.

Such talks are also aimed at practically enhancing students’ communications skills such as public speaking and presentations; researching skills, which are critical skills demanded in labour market.


      3. Strategic Exposure

MTF expose students to various knowledge and social capital generating context critical to brightening their future including employment, partnership, business development among other. The Forum coordinates and/or organizes strategic sessions such as internships, networking dinner, peer to peer learning, site/study visits, etc just to ensure that students are exposed to multiple environment that increases their chances for rewarding opportunities.