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We are delighted that you have decided to undertake your tertiary studies at the University of Dar es Salaam or are considering to do so. This website describes the range of our courses and different activities done at the University which will give you a flavor of life in our various campuses.

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The University of Dar es salaam (UDSM) offers various academic programmes leading to the award of certificates, diplomas, and degrees.


The University of Dar es salaam offers various postgraduate programmes leading to the award of postgraduate diploma, masters and PhD degrees.


The University of Dar es Salaam values the presence of international students and scholars and recognizes the important role they play in the life of the university.

Elitabu Keto MSHIGENI

Elitabu Keto Mshigeni was born on January 14, 1944 in Same, in what was known then as the Northern Province of Tanzania. He went to school at Mpinji Primary School (1952-1955), Suji Middle School (1958-1959) in his home district, and Tabora Secondary School (1960-1965) – a territorially selective government school which sought to admit “best-performing” boys across the territory. So he was among the few boys who spent a whole stretch of six residential years at one school internally structured into ‘Lower School’ and ‘Upper School’, but both parts enjoying the best of the internationally sourced teachers (from UK, Canada, Australia, USA and Uganda) to complement the few local staff.

Margaret Simwanza SITTA

Margaret Simwanza Sitta [née Simwanza] was born on 24 July 1946 in Urambo district in Tabora. She had her primary education at Tabora Town Primary School from 1954 to 1957; her middle school education at Ussoke Girls Middle School from 1958 to 1961, from where she proceeded to secondary education at Tabora Girls Secondary School from 1962 to 1965. In 1966 she went to Mpwapwa Teacher Training College for a two-year teacher training course which she completed in 1967 with a Certificate award for Teacher Grade “A”. It was from the same college that she obtained her diploma in education eight years later, in 1985.