Career Counselling and Alumni Centre

Career Counselling and Alumni Centre


Dr. Gerald Magova                                               Dr. Theresia Busagara

Coordinator                                                          Associate Coordinator

Career Counselling Centre

The centre provides a range of employment services and programs to job searchers, employers and the community. The centre is committed to supporting the growth and enhancement of job searchers to effectively manage their employment transitions through providing employment planning, career decision making, job search support, community resources including training and educations and connections to employment. The centre is also committed to employers by ensuring that employers get customized solutions meeting business needs for recruitment, hiring, training and retention. The centre also acts as a liaison between the university and the industry and ensuring that all students obtain their practical training opportunities available in the industry for cementing their theoretical knowledge.

The Alumni Centre

The UDBS Alumni Centre is your home on campus with space to relax, learn and reconnect with friends. It’s the perfect base to start your trip to campus. We also run an exciting programme of events to support your personal and professional development, and to keep you connected with each other. The centre also runs the fundraising events to support students who are needy.

Reach the centre through the following email: or physically visit our office situated at UDBS Block A building office

No A 314 from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday to Friday