In a bold move towards fostering gender equality and economic empowerment, the Center for Policy Research and Advocacy (CPRA) at the University of Dar es Salaam Business School (UDBS) has launched an exclusive Entrepreneurship Training Program tailored for women.

The initiative aims to equip aspiring female entrepreneurs with essential skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the business world. Running for one month, the program offers participants intensive training sessions twice a week, providing a comprehensive curriculum covering various aspects of entrepreneurship and business management.

"We believe that empowering women economically is crucial for sustainable development," remarked Dr. Latifa Mbelwa, Dean UDBS. "Through this training program, we aim to break down barriers and create opportunities for women to succeed in the business landscape."

The program aims
at developing critical
(knowledge, skills,
attitudes and habits)
for women
entrepreneurs to
grow entrepreneurial
businesses. The curriculum encompasses key topics such as business planning, financial management, marketing strategies, and leadership skills. Participants will also benefit from practical workshops, mentorship opportunities, and networking sessions to enhance their entrepreneurial capabilities.

"We are committed to providing a supportive and inclusive environment where women can unleash their full potential," stated Professor Benadetha Kilian, UDSM’s Deputy Vice Chancellor, Planning Finance and Administration. "This program is not just about imparting knowledge; it's about fostering a community of empowered women who can drive positive change in society."

The launch of this initiative underscores UDBS's dedication to promoting entrepreneurship and advancing gender equality in Tanzania. By empowering women with the tools and resources needed to succeed in business, the university aims to catalyze economic growth and create a more equitable society.

As the Entrepreneurship Training Program kicks off, anticipation runs high among participants eager to embark on this transformative journey. With determination and support from UDBS's CPRA, these aspiring women entrepreneurs are poised to make their mark in the business world, driving progress and prosperity for themselves and their communities.