The office of Deputy Vice Chancellor Research Knowledge Exchange would like to announce the availability of the following Scholarships Opportunities.
1. FUNAGIB Master and/or doctorate degree Scholarship
2. ARPPIS-DAAD PhD scholarships for study at the International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology
3.  DAAD-PhD Fellowship Opportunities in Higher Education Studies.

4. 2018 creates scholarships for MASTERS and PhD
5. Launch of the Erasmus + Call for Proposal
6. Scholaship Opportunities for MSc of Studies tenable at the University of Dar es Salaam 2017/2018.
7. Volkswagen Foundation - Call for Postdoctoral Fellowships for Africans Researchers
8. EADB Math, Science, Technology and Engineering University Scholarship Program
9. Scholarship at Beijing Institute of Technology
11. Two PhD Positions in Gender Studies.
12. New Zealand Scholarships 2017
13. Postdoctorial Position
14. PHD Fellowships
15. Scholars Accepting Applications for Second Class of Scholars
16. NRF - TWAS Postdoctoral Fellowships Call for 2017
      NRF - TWAS Postdoctoral Fellowships Framework 2017
      NRF-TWAS Postdoctoral Fellowship Application and Funding Guide 2017.
17.Two open PhD positions in the SNSF-project "Making the City"
   -Lay Summary.
    -Call for Application
18. Commonwealth Scholarships in Low and Middle Income Countries
19. PhD in Energy Engineering and  MSc in Renewable Energy

More information is available in Directorate of Research.