The University of Dar es Salam Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) under the College of Information and Communication Technologies (CoICT) is located at CoICT Kijitonyama Campus along Ali Hassan Mwinyi Road, Dar Es Salaam. CSE has a long history of providing consultancies and technical support to the public and private sectors in the fields of Computing, Health informatics, and Data Science. Besides its core research and training activities, it offers consultancies and technical support in designing, developing, implementing, and evaluating digital information systems, technologies, and applications. The experts and innovators under CSE conduct several research and innovation projects in areas such as software engineering and information system development to address business and social challenges for sustainable development.

The UDSM DHIS2 digital health Lab ( under the CSE has played a critical role in adopting and implementing digital health solutions in the Tanzania health sector for nearly 20 years in collaboration with local and international partners such as the University of Oslo and the HISP Centre, in Norway. The UDSM DHIS2 Project is one of the UDSM DHIS2 lab's large collaborative initiatives with the Government of Tanzania and various implementing partners in the health sector. The UDSM DHIS2 Project is involved in designing, developing, training, and user support for the District Health Information Software Version 2 (DHIS2) adopted as Tanzania's national Health Management Information Systems (HMIS) software since 2014. The DHIS2 systems and related applications and technologies are also used by vertical health programs such as HIV/AIDS, TB/Leprosy, and Malaria. It is one of the global standard HMIS platforms implemented and used in more than 100 countries worldwide. Beyond the health sector, the DHIS2 platform has been customized and deployed in the agriculture sector by the UDSM DHIS2 lab. Other collaborative projects at the UDSM DHIS2 lab include research and innovation of the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system at the UDSM Hospital used as a living lab model, integrated electronic disease surveillance and response system including COVID-19 applications, and human resources for health information system in Tanzania. Therefore, through the UDSM DHIS2 digital health lab, the CSE department over the past 20 years has interacted and worked, in a technical and research capacity, with a local and global community of digital health solutions and supported several countries in implementing other digital health and information use solutions. The department now wishes to attract talented Project Administrators to apply for a contractual engagement in the UDSM DHIS2 lab to work for the UDSM DHIS2 Project and other related projects.

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