• To undertake joint research between African and Chinese scholars in the areas of economics, history, political science, sociology and anthropology.
  • To promote exchange programmes between Chinese and Tanzanian students and scholars.
  • To encourage joint publications in Journals both in Chinese and English language between African and Chinese researchers.
  • To translate selected publications from Chinese into English language with view to widening readership in Africa.
  • To promote study tours of Tanzanian scholars, policy makers and politicians to China.
  • To organize, periodically, thematic seminars, workshop and conferences on Sino-African cooperation.
  • To forge strong networks, worldwide, with other institutions which are active on the subject of Chinese studies in a wide spectrum of disciplines.
  • To collaborate closely with existing visiting Sino-Africa institutions and for, such as Forum on China - Africa Cooperation (FOCAC), China - Africa Think Tank Forum (CAFFT), Institutes of African Studies, Confucius Institutes, just to mention a few.
  • To organize public lectures that will be delivered by prominent, both internal and external, speakers from the academia, politics and policy makers.
  • To provide some back-stopping services, in terms of consultancies, to African countries in crafting a strategy for engagement with China.
  • To promote Chinese advisory services to Tanzania's key Ministries as a way of influencing development policies and strategies.
  • To establish a documentation unit, including a Website, where Africa - China related publications will be deposited and posted.