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Title: Mr
Name: Benitho N. Lyakwipa
College/School/Division: College of Engineering and Technology
Role: Assistant Lecturer
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Phone: + 255659475347

Profile: Benitho Lyakwipa is a holder of bachelor’s degree in architecture from university of Dar es salaam and a masters of science degree from Politecnico di Milano, Italy. He joined university teaching carrier from the year 2003 after completeting his bachelors degree in architecture from university of Dar es salaam

His passion for holistic approach to the practice of architecture is a motive behind which, he chose to pursue further studies and research engineering which culminated into a masters degree in Building engineering from Politecnico di Milano.

The training in Architecture and Engineering made Mr Lyakwipa a well-rounded architect capable of handling architectural design projects of varying magnitudes of complexity

Of recent, Mr Benitho Has ventured into a PhD study in electrical Engineering in the department of Electrical engineering at the university of Dar es salaam investigation the health effects of power frequency on human subjects in living environment

Mr Lyakwipa is interested in innovative approaches to architectural and engineering design, in this regard he has put more effort in building physics and technological design

Awards and recognitions:Mr Lyakwipa has received several recognitions and awards as follows:

1. Recognition by Ministry of Education, Science and Technology for  preparation of masterplans for reconstruction of Ihungo and Nyakato secondary schools following earthquake disaster in Kagera region in 2016

2. Certificate for Excellent performance as Best Final Year student  from architects and Quantity Surveyors Governing Board (AQRB) in the academic year 2002/2003

3. ertificate for Excellent performance awarded by the college principal (UCLAS) as Best Fourth year student in overall performance in the academic year 2001/2002

4. Certificate for Excellent performance awarded by Architectural association of Tanzania as Best Final year Degree Student in Design Thesis in the academic year 2002/2003

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