Research Centers and Research projects

Multidisciplinary research centres established by the college provides the opportunity for researchers from various disciplines to conduct researches that in nature are multidisciplinary in addressing social problems. The centres work in collaboration with researchers from other institutions as well as from international universities. The members of academic staff in the College have conducted several research projects and consultancies which have contributed to solve different societal issues.

Research projects are conducted at the College, departments, individual or group levels. The College has several Centres supporting different research initiative;

Research for Education and Democracy in Tanzania (REDET)

REDET is the programme in the Department of Political Sciences and Public Administration. It was founded 1992 with the coming of multiparty democracy. Its grand goal is to promote democracy in Tanzania. REDET has a number of events and activities such as the Annual state of politics conference whose participants are political key players countrywide, civic education programmes, conducting opinion polls on democracy related issues as well as publication of books on politics.