Contact details
Title: Mr
Name: Silas Njenje Paschal
College/School/Division: College of Social Sciences
Role: Assistant Lecturer
Current Summarised CV:

Silas   Njenje Paschal is an Assistant Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Dar es SalaamCollege of Social Sciences, Department of Sociology and Anthropology. He holds a Bachelor of Education in Psychology-B.Ed-Psychology (UDSM) and Master of Arts in Applied Social Psychology (UDSM). He is currently a PhD candidate at the School of Education UDSM) pursuing PhD in Education writing a thesis titled “Exploration of guidance and Counselling Service Provision to Students with Visual Impairment in Tanzania”.

His areas of professional qualification include Applied Social Psychology, Special Needs Education, Guidance and Counselling and Educational Psychology. His core activities include academics (teaching), research and consultancy. 

He has been involved in providing Psychosocial care and support services (PSS) for various victims such as fire tank explosion. He has been taking part in various research experiences. For instance, as an ethnographer in research projects carried at UDSM project titled "Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) and Community Well-being in Southern Tanzania". He researched on “The psychosocial impact of living in proximity to wildlife management areas (WMAs) among school going children”. He has been involved as an independent ethnographer for the anthropological study of traditional healers in Tanzania organized by the National Institute of Medical research (NIMR) where I researched in both two phases held in April (3 weeks) and July (2 weeks) in up country. 

He has also been involved as a trainer in providing comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) for University of Dar es Salaam students. He has been a member of the team for developing University Policy and Operational Procedures for Disability and Special Educational Needs. He is a member of the team for developing University Guidelines for identification of staff and students with disabilities. He is also a member of the team for developing University guidelines for providing guidance and counseling services to staff and students with special needs education.                 

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