Contact details
Title: Prof
Name: William Mulokozi Rugumamu
College/School/Division: College of Social Sciences
Role: Professor of Geography
Current Summarised CV:

1. Biodata

Nationality:                            Tanzanian

Date of birth:                          25th November 1949

Place of birth:                         Bukoba, Tanzania

Professional Appointment:    Professor of Geography

Marital Status:                       Married to Professor Costancia P. Rugumamu (Ph.D.); Children, Three (3)  Jullie (daughter), Victor (son) and Gilbert (son)


2.  University Education

     2.1 Degree Certificates

(i) PhD (Soil Resource Survey and Evaluation for Land Use Planning, 1988 University of Dar es Salaam. Tanzania.


(ii)          M.Sc. (Pedology, Soil Survey & Land Use Planning) 1978 University of Reading, England.


(iii)         M.A. Geography (Agricultural Land Use Planning) 1976 University of Dar es Salaam.


(iv)B.A. Geography, (Hons) 1974 University of Dar es Salaam.


     2.2 Post-graduate short courses

  1. Emergency Settlement Planning. University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA. 1996.


(ii)          Remote Sensing for Disaster Management, United Nations European Space     Agency.Vienna , 1995.


(iii)         Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) Clark University, Worcester, USA. 1993.


(iv)          Land Resources Evaluation and Management, University of East Anglia, England 1984.


(v)           X-Ray Analysis of Soil Minerals. Technical University of Berlin, Germany.


(vi)          Management of Arid Lands. Moscow State University, USSR-UNEP Programme. 1981.


(vii)         Remotely Sensed Environmental Data Analysis. Regional Remote Sensing Facility, Nairobi,  Kenya. 1980.

3.    University of Dar es salaam Career

            2001-2019          :        Professor of Geography, University of Dar es Salaam,


      1995 -2001         :        Associate Professor.

      1993/94              :        Senior Fulbright Scholar, Clark University, Worcester,

Massachusetts; Researcher World Resources Institute, Washington. DC .

      1988 - 1993        :        Senior Lecturer, University of Dar es Salaam.

      1980 - 1988        :        Lecturer

      1976 - 1980        :        Assistant Lecturer

      1974 - 1976        :        Tutorial Assistant


  1. Responsibility:          


Coordinator MA (GEM) Programme

Member Department Management Committee

Member MSc(GIS) Programme Management Committee

Patron, Association of Geographers and Environmental Managers (AGEM)

Patron, Geographical Association of Tanzania

Member of the UDSM Research Ethics Committee

 Deputy Chairperson, Tanzania National Committee of the International Year of     Planet Earth (IYPE)

Chairperson, Parents Committee, Kibangu Primary School, Kinondoni District.

Associate Dean, Research, Publication and Consultancy, Faculty of   Arts and   Social Sciences

             Member Senate Research and Publications Committee

             Member Faculty Board, Arts and Social Sciences

             Chairman, Languages of Tanzania Project, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

             Board Member University Consultancy Bureau

             Member of the African Deserts and Arid Lands Committee (ADALCO)

 Chairperson National Committee for International Union for Conservation of     Nature & Natural Resources (IUCN)

             Member National UNESCO Board


5.    Courses Taught and Specialisation

  1. Undergraduate (Geography: GE)

                    GE 240 Earth Resources

                    GE 348 Environmental Disaster Management

                    GE 351Land Evaluation for Development Planning

                     GE 249 Geography Field Work

                    GE 399 Dissertation Writing

  1. Postgraduate M.A. (GEM)& MSc (GIS)

                    GE 636Integrated Natural Resources Management in Developing Countries

GE 623 Environmental Disasters and Human Development

GE 624 Research Methods. (Soft Skills)

                    GE 625 Gender and Resources Management

  1. Ph.D Taught Course

        GE 701 Biophysical Environment

        GE 704 Orthodox and Contemporary Physical Geography

        GE 714 Land Use Planning and Management

  1. Postgraduate (MSc (MIEM)..Faculty of Science and College of Engineering & Technology)



Supervising & Completed Thesis & Dissertations


                     In Progress


2015       Fred SimonThe role of higher education institutions in promoting productivity of the oil and gas projects in Tanzania PPM

2018        Rafik T. The Impact of HakiElimu Capacity Building Projects on    Improvement of Academic Performance in Selected Schools: A Case in Kilwa  District, Tanzania PPM

  1. Lilian H. Improved quality of Life in Hanna Nassif Community

 Development Authority Kinondoni Municipality Tanzania. PPM

2016         K. Kahigi K. Resource Mobilization in Community Based       Organizations: A Case Study of Faith VICOBA in Kinondoni MunicipalityTanzania  PPM




2019          Bagambilana R. F.  Assessment of Farmers’ Perceptions of Climate Change and Attendant Adaptation in Semi-Arid Lowlands of Mwanga District Tanzania.  Ph.D.

2018         Muhindo Eliabu Maghambu Land Tenure Regimes and Dynamics of Land Use Practices in Bukonzo County, Uganda PhD

2018         Benedict  B. Msilanga.  Assessment of Maize Yield and Yield Gaps for Improving Household food Security and Alleviating Poverty in the Southern Highlands, Tanzania. Ph.D

2016         Evarist Fundisha  Assessment of Traditional Environmental Knowledge  Systems applied to Climate Change and Variability Adaptation and Mitigation in Rombo District Tanzania   PhD

2014         Evaristo Haule Coping mechanisms in the vicinity of Oldonyo Lengai, Tanzania Ph.D

2008           Bambati Hambati  Managing settlements in informal areas in Mwanza city. Tanzania  Ph.D

2007       Donald Antony Water Resources Management in Semiarid Northwestern Tanzania. Ph.D.

2014         Kaisi Juma. Effect of migrants in land use pattern in Kiwangwa Division,  Bagamoyo District, Tanzania. M.A.

 2014        Nassania Yessaya  Impact of land acquisition on people’s livelihoods in Loliondo Division, Ngogrongoro District TanzaniaM.A

 2011        Ndunguru F.D Reducing Motor cycle based disasters in Kinondoni Municipality Dar es salaam City Tanzania. M.A

 2011        Andrea M.KAssessment of the 2010 flood disaster in Kilosa district Tanzania. M,A

 2010        Sylivester  Mbumbe The role of  traditional environmental knowledge           systems in rural water supply in Nyela ward Arusha region. Tanzania M.A

2010       Hajji Mussa Impact of seaweed farming on the environment and poverty in Pemba, Zanzibar. M.A

2010       Layla Ali Salum. Vulnerability of Coastal Communities to the Impact of Climate Change and Variability in Zanzibar(M.A)

2009       Julius Mapanje Effects of Community-based Coastal Resources Management in Tanzania (M.A)

                    2007        Haule, E. The Role of traditional Environmental Knowledge Systems in earthquake Disaster Management in Ludewa District, Tanzania. M.A.

                    2007        Makupa, E.E. Effectiveness of Community Forest management in Kidegemsitu and Mandumbulu Forests in Mufindi District, Tanzania. M.A.

                   2006                    Hegga, S.S. Community-based Management of Fragile Aquatic                                 Ecosystems in Tanzania: The Case Study of Mzinga Wetland in Metropolitan Dar es SalaamM.A.

                   2006         MoshyV. H.The Role of Environmental Knowledge Systems in Coastal Resources Mnangenetmin Tanzania: The Case of Mbweni ward, Dar es Salaam. M.A.

                   2004         Mambo, M.J.Soil Nutrient Flow Dynamics in the Slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro: A Case Study of Machame North Ward Hai District, Tanzania. M.A.

                  2003          Hambat, H. The Role of Environmental Knowledge Systems in Land Resources Conservation and Management in Tanzania: A Case of Kainam Village, Mbulu District. M.A.

                   2001         Mbutta, C.F. Assessment of Environmental Knowledge Systems in

                                    Sustainable Land Management in Tanzania: A Case Study of Mang’ula Ecosystemin the Kilombero Valley. M.A.

                                   2001    Mushy, R.B. Effects of Gender Relations on Arable Land Management in Rural Areas: A Case Study of Moshi District, Tanzania.M.A.

                    1995        Mwombeki R. M. Population, Environmental Degradation and Poverty : A Case Study of Iramba District, Tanzania M.A.


  1. Specialisations

Land Resources Management

Environment and Sustainable Human Development

Hazards and Disasters: Building Resilience

Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons and Environmental Management

    Traditional Environmental Knowledge Systems and Social and

    Ecological Change

                Gender and Resources Management


  1. Services

       At the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM):

  1. Convener Reviewing the Quality Assurance Policy for UDSM;
  2. Serving as Independent Internal Examiner, Department of Geography; Coordinating Ph.D Training in Research Methods in Social Sciences at UDSM Nov.- Dec. 2011.
  3. Monitoring the Quality of Teaching and Learning Processes at the University of Dr es Salaam 2011;
  4. Assessment of PITRO III Proposals submitted by 22 members of Staff for Funding;
  5. Formulating The Code of Conduct for the University of Dar es Salaam Community; Guidelines for Journals Recognition at the University of Dar es Salaam 2009;
  6. Examination of the International Status of UDSM Journals. 2007.
  7. Reviewing the award of the Aegrotat degree at the UDSM, 2007;
  8. Reviewing the Practice of Graduate Research Students Supervision at the UDSM, 2007;
  9. Reviewing the Role of External Examiners in Quality Assurance at the UDSM, 2006;
  10. Designing a Proposal for Establishing a Graduate School at UDSM, 2005;
  11. Reviewing the Conduct of UDSM Graduation Ceremony, and the Vice Chancellor’s cocktail Party 2005;
  12. Reviewing the Conduct of the Directorate of Postgraduate Studies at UDSM, 2004.

At National and International Levels

  1. Member National Disaster Management Platform
  2. Reviewer research proposals for Carnigie Corporation’s Grant for Next Generation of Social Scientists in Africa
  3. Resource Person in Reviewing 44 Research proposals submitted to OSSREA for Research Grant on Innovative Water Uses in Sub-Saharan Africa. November. 2011.
  4. Resource Person, International Year of Planet Earth (IYPE) Training seminar for Ward Executive Officers and Primary and Secondary School Teachers in Ilala, Temeke and Kinondoni Districts. November 2010
  5. Resource Person, International Year of Planet Earth Workshop for Science Teachers in Sub-Saharan Countries on Earth Resources and Disasters. Dares Salaam  March 2010
  6.  Facilitator, International Year of Planet Earth (IYPE) International Conference 2008
  7. Resource Person East African Summer School on Refugees Humanitarian Affairs .UDSM (2000 to date)


  1. District Planning Officers Course on Participatory Planning  (Kiteto

  District;Arusha  Region) 2002


(ix)  Rehabilitation and Sustainable Development of Uprooted People in

       Arusha  Municipality, Tanzania. Christian Council of Tanzania 2001


United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). Sustainable Dar es  Salaam   Project (SDP). 1997.


            (x) Organisation of Donor Round-table for Resource Mobilisation to Support Local Communities' Initiatives in Refugee Affected Areas in Kigoma Region.  Prime Minister's Office (PMO) and UNDP Dar es Salaam, March 1996.


            (xi) Reconstruction and Development of Kigoma Region: Assessment and Identification of Initiatives for Sustainable Development Programmes in the Refugee Affected Areas in Kigoma Region, PMO & UNDP Dar es Salaam. August - November 1995.


          (xii) Organisation of Donor Round-table for Resource Mobilisation to Support Local Communities' Initiatives in Refugee Affected Areas in Kagera Region. PMO & UNDP Dar es Salaam, December, 1994.


     (xii) Resource Person, Tanzania Disaster Management Training Workshop. Arusha, 12-16 September 1994 and Zanzibar, 21-23 September 1994 PMO & UNDP.


     (xiii) Managing the Sustainable Growth and Development of Dar es Salaam. Environmental Profile of Metropolitan Area. HABITAT-UNDP, Dar es Salaam, April - June 1992.


    (xiv)  Environmental Impact Assessment of the Sitalike - Kilimatinde Road in Rukwa Region, Tanzania. National Engineering Design Company, (NEDCO) July 1992.


    (xv)  Agricultural Sector Development Programme Review of Tanzania for 1992-1997, January-February 1991, UNDP-FAO.


    (xvi) Assessment of the Impact of the 1990 Floods on the Economy and Ecology of Lindi and Mtwara Regions. 1990, PMO and National Environment Management Council, (NEMC).


   (xvii)             A Framework for Projects Formulation to Halt Environment Degradation and Declining Food and Energy Yields in the Southern African Sub-region, June 1990 UNEP Nairobi.


  (xviii)             Environmental Resources Survey of Three Pilot Villages and One Stock Raising Zone in Semi-arid Areas of Tanzania for Desertification Control Programme. AMCEN-ADALCO Programme. July 1988, UNEP, Nairobi.


 (xix)    Impact of the All-weather Road on the Development of Kilombero District. October November, 1987. Swiss Development Corporation.


  (xx)    Land-use in Mwanza Municipality and its Environs: May - June, 1982. Sumar Varma Associates. Dar es Salaam.


(xxi)     Appraisal of Dodoma Land Rehabilitation (HADO) project in Kondoa District, Sept. 1978, Forestry Division, Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism. 25 pp.


7.         Membership of Professional Societies


(i)         Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa

            Research (CODESRIA) 2002


(ii)        Centre for the Study of Forced Migration (CSFM), University Dar es Salaam, 2000.


 (iii)     Commission on Education and Communication (CEC) of the World             Conservation             Union (IUCN). 1996.


(iv)       Eastern Africa Environmental Network (EAEN) Nairobi. 1995.


(v)    Organization for Social Science Research for Eastern and Southern Africa. (OSSREA) Addis Ababa 1991.


(vi)       World Association of Soil and Water Conservation, Ankeny, Iowa, 1989.


(vii)      Institute for Africa Alternatives, (IFAA) London, 1989.


(viii)    Tanzania Association for Advancement of Science and Technology, 1989.


(ix)       Southern African Universities Social Sciences Conference. 1988.


(x)        African Participatory Research Network, 1988.


(xii)      East African Technology Policy Study Network 1988.


(xiii)    African Deserts and Arid Lands Committee, UNEP Nairobi 1987     


(xiv)     East African Soil Science Society, 1980.


(xv)      Association of Agricultural Engineers, Tanzania, 1979.


(xvi)     Soil Science Society, Reading, 1977.

    (xvii)     Geographical Association of Tanzania, 1974.



8          Extra-Curricular and Other Activities


(i)         Focal Person for the Eastern Africa Environmental Network, Nairobi (EAEN).


(ii)       Chairman of the Commission on Education and Communication (CEC) Tanzania Committee of the World Conservation Union


(iii)      Chief Editor, Journal of the Geographical Association of Tanzania.


(iv)       Ex-Official, Research, Publication and Consultancy Committee- Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.


(v)        Chairman, African Deserts and Arid Lands Committee (ADALCO), Eastern and Southern African Subregion of the African Ministerial Conference on Environment (AMCEN).


(vi)       Coordinator of the University Teaching and Learning Programme Committee. Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.


(vii)      Member of the Editorial Board of Utafiti Journal (Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University Dar es Salaam).


(viii)    Member of the Tanzania Atlas Committee.


 (ix)      Reviewer for the Eastern Africa Social Science Research Review


Externalising Examinations


     (i)Joshua Kibira University College of Makumira University

(ii)Department of Geography State University Zanzibar 2011          

(iii) Department of Geography Morogoro Moslem University 2005- 08

            (iv) Department of Geography, Moi University, Kenya 2004-07

  (v)Department of Soil Science, Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA), Morogoro, Tanzania, 1991; 1992; 1994, 2003.

            (vi)Department of Agricultural Engineering and Land PlanningSUA, 1992; 1999;

(vii)Department of Geography, Environmental Science and Planning, University of Swaziland   2004-06

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