Lecturer, College of Social Sciences

PhD, MA, BA (University of Dar es Salaam)


Teaching interests:

Organisation of Knowledge, Records Management, Strategic Management, Human Resource Management and ICT.


Research interests: 

  • Information Needs, Information Seeking Behaviour, Information Literacy and  ICT.

Research accounts:

  • Google scholar


Research Papers and Writings

  1. Clemence, O., Luambano, I. and Mwantimwa, K. (2023); “Adoption and Application of Electronic Records Systems in Higher Learning Institutions”, Information Development, March 2023.
  2. Nkebukwa, L. and Luambano, I. (2023); “Factors for Information Seeking and Sharing during Accomplishing Collaborative Activities in Vocational Schools”, Sustainable Education and Development –Sustainable Industrialization and Innovation. ARCA 2022. Springer; pp 623-635
  3. Mwilongo, K., Luambano, I. and Lwehabura, M. (2020); “Collection Development Practices in Academic Libraries in Tanzania”, Journal of Librarianship and Information Science, Vol. 52, No. 4, pp 1152-1168.
  4. Lyakurwa, B. and Luambano, I. (2019); “The State of Information Literacy and User Education Programmes in Public Libraries in Tanzania: A Case of National Central Library (NCL) and Kibaha Public Library”, University of Dar es Salaam Library Journal, Vol. 14, No. 1; pp 38-52.
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  8. Luambano, I. (2014), "Reflections of 50 Years of Human Resource for Libraries and Information Centres", paper presented at the Conference on 50th Year Anniversary of the TLSB: Reflections and Prospects, held at the Central Library, Dar es Salaam on 1st April 2014.
  9. Luambano, I. (2013); "The Public Library System in Tanzania: Challenges and Opportunities", paper presented at the Libraries for Development Seminar held at Oasis Hotel, Morogoro on 3rd October 2013.



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