Senior Lecturer , College of Social Sciences

PhD in Social Anthropology


Teaching interests:

Social Theory, Research Methods, Knowledge systems in Africa,  Anti-Corruption, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Urbanisation,  Children, Youth, and Gender.


Research interests:

Social Transformation, Prevention of Violent Extremism in East Africa Knowledge systems in Africa, Anti-Corruption, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Urbanization, Children, Youth, and Gender.

Research accounts:


  1. October 2022-September 2024: Decolonizing Knowledge Systems in Tanzania: Towards a practical Southern-Led approach
  2. April 2022- March 2025: Reporting in context: An interdisciplinary initiative to strengthen maternal health services and surveillance in Ethiopia and Tanzania
  3. October 2021 - October 2023: Reducing Harm caused by Witchcraft in Tanzania, A research project funded by the   Institute.


List of Publications:

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