Infrastructure development


Infrastructure development


  1. Expansion and maintenance of students’ accommodation facilities follows:

                1.1  Launching of Dr. J. P. M. Magufuli hostels on 15th April 2017 which accommodate 3,840 students. The construction of the hostels was funded by                                  H.E. President Dr. J. P. J. Magufuli who gave the University Tanzanian Shillings Ten Billion for that purpose.

                1.2 Renovation of the Kijitonyama (CoICT) Hostels in 2016/2017. The hostels accommodate 240 students.

2. Renovation of the as

                2.1 Kunduchi hostel which accommodates 48 students.

                2.2 Maintenance of the Mabibo hostels which accommodate 4,298 students.

                 2.3  Major rehabilitation of the Halls number 2 and 5 which in total accommodate 786 is in the process.


3. Construction of the New Library:

The mega-library is a Chinese government's 100 percent-aided facility which was launched on 28th November 2018. The state of art facility is able to accommodate 2,600 University students at any one time and can house over 800,000 books. It also has an International Conference Centre Facility which can accommodate 580 person/participants.


4. Establishment of Mbeya College of Health and Allied Sciences (UDSM - MCHAS):

The newly established college started as the university of Dar es salaam School of Health Sciences (SOHS) at the Mlimani campus, then in 2017 relocated to Mbeya region as Mbeya College of Health and Allied Sciences (UDSM-MCHAS) within the grounds of Mbeya zonal referral hospital. It is currently offering one course namely Bachelor of Doctor of Medicine (MD).


5. Expansion of Teaching and Learning Facilities:

 New academic and office buildings have been constructed through World Bank funds as indicated below:

         5.1 Science Complex Building;

         5.2 CoAF Building;

         5.3 School of Education Building;

         5.4 College of Humanities (Heritage) Building; and

        5.5 Water and Mining Resource Engineering Building.


6. Construction of Students Centre

The construction of centre commenced in 2018. The facility will be center of the University serving students, staff, alumni, and guests. It is expected to offer variety of activities e.g. sports, services e.g. banks, and stationery, and other facilities like dining and wellness centres. It is being constructed by the funds raised from alumni and well wishers. While continuing with phase one of the project, the University is strategizing for more fundraisings so as to acquire more money

7. Expansion of the University Health Centre

The University Health Centre (UHC) is under expansion by the construction of the new wing which once completed will enable increase of services offered by the Centre.  Also, other health insurance companies apart from National Health Insurance fund, will soon be working with the Centre.