The Investment Section is responsible for all investment related functions at the University. These functions cover areas such as hospitality, telecommunication, banking services, energy, trading, real estate, printing and publishing. The Section also manage both current and future investment avenues in all Campuses. In principle, all UDSM investments are governed by the University Investment Policy. The Policy provides categories of the investment which UDSM are mandated to undertake, investment appraisal techniques and their respective sources of finance. In this regard, the Policy advocates solicited and unsolicited investment proposals in various selected areas using the applicable laws and regulations. Specifically, the Investment Section is responsible for undertaking the following functions:

  • Maintain a database of UDSM investors and their contract conditions;
  • Ensure UDSM gets due and timely payments as per contracts and therein conditions are followed;
  • Ensure that the conditions and status of premises and assets are as per UDSM standards and report for any damage/loss caused by tenants/ investors;
  • Initiate and follow up for payment/ refund caused by investors in their area of tenancy;
  • Maintain a database of space available for letting, proportion of occupied space;
  • Market University facilities (Investment Land, Landed property, housing) in consistency with University Policy;
  • Participate in processing and implementation of PPP projects; and
  • Ensure that UDSM and Government interests are conserved and protected in all contracts for renting space during development and renew of contracts.

The Section is led by Head of Investment who report directly to the Director of Planning, Development and Investment.


For more information please contact:

Head of Investment

P. O. Box 35091

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


Landline: +255 22 410 514