Health and Catering Services


DoSO works closely with University Health Centre (UHC) on medical related issues as one of integral parts of students’ health. The Unit also makes follow up on sick students hospitalized at different facilities including UHC, Mwananyamala Hospital, Muhimbili National Hospital and Mikocheni Mission Hospital, and informs their respective schools/colleges for academic purposes.

•Other health related issues handled by the Unit include:

•Intervention for students with psychiatric problems, on behalf of parents or guardians, to enable them receive medical treatment. 

•To respond to all medical related problems that affect students in different ways such as postponement of studies on medical grounds;

•To assist sick students to attend medical appointments as prescribed by their doctors;

•Offering hospitality services for instance, providing balanced diet to sick students hospitalized in various medical facilities like Muhimbili National Hospital, Mikocheni Mission Hospital, etc.

•Provides counseling support to students regarding issues such as family planning and reproductive health;

•Organizes seminars and workshops on HIV, family planning and reproductive health to wardens, DARUSO leaders and staff members at the office of Dean of students; and  in the event of occurrence of a student’s death, facilitates burial arrangements and also presents condolences from UDSM to the bereaved family.



There are seven cafeterias that provide catering services to our students.

  • Cafeteria One
  • Cafeteria Two
  • Yombo Cafeteria
  • Magufuli Hostel Cafeteria
  • Mabibo Cafeteria
  • CoICT Cafeteria
  • Kunduchi Cafeteria

These cafeterias are privately run but DoSO monitors the quality of services offered to ensure that they meet the agreed standards, particularly in terms of the food quality, environment under which the food is prepared and served to students, varieties of food on the menu, and food prices.