Marine Technology and Innovation (MTI)

About Marine Technology and Innovation (MTI)

The Institute of Marine Sciences has contributed greatly to the development of seaweed, finfish, shellfish, sea-cucumber, mangrove crabs, and pearl Mariculture. To consolidate mariculture development, the newly developed Marine Technology and Innovation (MTI) Section is now developing technologies of seed and feed production, pond and cage construction, broodstock and hatchery production of fingerlings as well as bio-security and diseases control. The activities of MTI are:

  • Coastal and offshore mariculture production systems engineering (intensive closed/circulatory/cage), live feed production nutrition and alternative fish feed developments, hatchery and nursery technologies breeding, broodstock development, and molecular biology/genomics. 
  • Finfish and shellfish pathobiology and development of immunity, probiotics, vaccines, and disease control systems.
  • Applied phycology and the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, bioenergy, and bio-remediation industries.
  • Innovations in handling, packaging, processing, transportation, marketing, general value addition, and entrepreneurship including quality assurance and control.


Staff List in Marine Technology and Innovation (MTI)

Senior Lecturer and Head of Section

A. J. Mmochi, BSc (Dar), MSc (Ryukyus), PhD (Dar)


Senior Lecturers

M. S. P. Mtolera, BSc, MSc (Dar), MSc (Las Palmas), PhD (Uppsala)

 L. J. Chauka, BSc (Dar), MSc (Addis Ababa), PhD (Dar)



R. A. Kitula, BSc, MSc, PhD (SUA)


Assistant Lecturers

*C. H. Matemu, BSc (Dar), MSc (Florida)


Tutorial Assistant

 J. O. Ntagunda, BSc (Dar), MSc (SUA)


Laboratory Scientists

M. K. Maalim, MSc (Ryukyus), PhD (Dar)


Able Seaman

M. A. Khamis