About IRA

Excellence in Natural Resource Management

Over the years, the Institute of Resource Assessment (IRA) has been engaged in policy-relevant work, carried it out in a competent manner with a definite impact on both official thinking and policy-making in Tanzania. Although the IRA compares favorably with most other research institutions in Tanzania and elsewhere in Africa, it is unique in its inter-disciplinary and multidisciplinary composition and orientation. Various internal and external evaluations have recommended the IRA should continue to concentrate on a few core areas of research in which it is particularly well placed to serve clients and develop new competences and areas of interest in which it can make greatest impact in science and policy.


Indeed, the Institute of Resource Assessment is a unique institution in Africa, deriving its uniqueness largely from its ability to retain almost all its highly trained staffs that have experience in research over its 35 years of existence. 18 academic staff members present in 2006, 15 have PhD's and the rest are in the process of registering for doctoral studies. It is notable that the IRA is wholly manned by Tanzanian researchers who, however, collaborate with a variety of national and international researchers in order to allow cross-fertilization of ideas, knowledge and experiences. The recent engagement in running training program has created a need for recruiting new staff. To-date more than 300 publications of various categories have been published by IRA staff or jointly with other international institutions. The Institute has a role of bringing to Tanzanian's attention the experiences of development issues in other parts of the world thus, serving as a link with the outside world and provide insights that would otherwise not easily reach Tanzania.


Dr. Joel Nobert, Acting Director, Institute of Resource Assessment.


Vision Statement

The Institute to become a high performance and reputable institution that excels in research, teaching and service provision to the community in natural resources management at national regional and international levels.


Mission Statement

To enhance sustainable capacity in human, financial and physical resources in order to excel in quality research, teaching and service provision to the community in natural resources management; and further IRA's image as a centre of excellence in knowledge creation and skills development at postgraduate level.


IRA Strategic Plan

The five years Rolling Strategic and Operational Plan for 2003/04-2007/08 of IRA can be viewed by clicking this link IRA Strategic Plan