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Title: Dr
Name: Catherine Aloyce Masao
College/School/Division: Institute of Resource Assessment
Role: Seniour Lecturer
Current Summarised CV:

Dr. C.A. Masao is a Senior lecturer, researcher and consultant employed by the University of Dar es Salaam, Institute of Resource Assessment (IRA) since 2005. Dr. Masao is an expert in the area of Biodiversity Management, nature conservation, ecosystem services, climate change & ecosystem management. Dr C.A. Masao has taken part in a number of assignments that relates to her expertise including: National studies for the SADC Trans-boundary water resources management programme (2013/2014), the long term research on Afro-alpine Sky Islands”: Genetic Versus Taxonomic Biodiversity, Biodiversity Conservation and implications of Climate Change that was conducted on high mountains of eastern Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and Tanzania), Cost Benefit and viability analysis of the UNDP Poverty-Environment Initiatives in Tanzania, midterm and terminal evaluation of the WWF projects on Improving Natural Resources use on the eastern side of Udzungwa Mountains National Park. Other assignments undertaken by Dr. C.A. Masao include: i) Preparation of guidelines for sustainable management of wetlands in Tanzania (Vice President’s office, Environment Section) (2013-2014), ii) Establishment of baseline on the status of mainstreaming environment and climate change adaptation in key Tanzanian Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) and sector plans (UNDP through Vice President’s office) (2013-2014). Dr. Masao has also participated in the development of Integrated Management Plan for the Malagarasi-Muyovosi Ramsar Site for sustainable conservation of the ecosystem. Dr. Masao was also assigned by the UNESCO, Tanzania to prepare Biodiversityand Environmental Education manuals for Schools and Radio programs for Ololosokwan village, Monduli district. Most recently, Dr. Masao led a team of experts during preparations of the Integrated Landscape Management Plan (ILMP) for the SAGCOT – Ihemi Cluster. The assignment was funded by UNEP through the Ministry of Agriculture (MA). During 2018/2019 Dr. Masao was also awarded a Post-doctoral Research Fellow position on Scientific foundations of conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity and ecosystem services “financed by the Swiss National Science Foundation SNF in collaboration with the German Research Foundation. In September, 2019, Dr. Masao was appointed by the Vice President of the United Republic of Tanzania (Currently the president of URT), Her Excellence Samia Suluhu Hassan to be a member of the National Taskforce for invasive species in Tanzania; where she was elected as a Secretary to the team. Since 2020, Dr. Masao has been a Biodiversity Advisor for the ongoing TRC’ s SGR construction activities from Dar es Salaam to Maktopora, Maktopora to Isaka Mwanza, Tanzania. Dr. Masao is a Tanzania-UDSM PI for the Building Capacity to Crosslink Coastal Pollution with Climate Change (BC5) 2021-2026.

Dr. is an appointed Board Member of the National Environmental Management Council (NEMC) of Tanzania since December 2018. Dr. Masao is also a Board Chair for the Climate Action Network Tanzania (CAN-Tanzania). Furthermore, Dr. Masao has facilitated the preparation of the National Postgraduate Framework for Tanzania as funded by the Tanzania Commission for Science (COSTECH). Dr. Masao is also a member of the UNDP – Small Grants National Steering Committee. She is also one of the Lead Authors for Chapter 9 (Africa Chapter) of the Working Group II of the IPCC Sixth Assessment Report (AR6). Dr. Masao is also a member of the Regional Plant Expert Group of the IUCN Red Listing in East Africa.

At the UDSM, Dr. Masao is a coordinator for Research and Postgraduate Studies at the IRA. She also undertakes teaching and supervision of students taking the Natural Resource Assessment and Management (NARAM) and Climate Change Studies Courses (at MSc. and PhD levels) related to climate change, biodiversity management, wildlife ecology, Impact Assessments and conservation, community conservation and tropical ecosystem courses. She also has supervised a number of students undertaking their masters and PhD research in the areas of her expertise.

Membership and Registration


Natural resource Management and Biodiversity Management



  1. 2020 to-date –Biodiversity Specialist and Environmental Safeguards Advisor to the ongoing Tanzania Railway Corporation (TRC)’ Standard Gauge Railway (SGR), Dar es Salaam – Maktopora stretch
  2. 2018 to date – Board member National Environmental management council of Tanzania
  3. 2018 to date – IRA Coordinator for Postgraduate Studies, Research and Consultancy
  4. 2018 to-date – Lead author IPCC Sixth Assessment Report, Africa Chapter
  5. 2019 to-date – Member in the Ecosystem Services partnership
  6. 2013 to-2020 –National Steering Committee member of the UNDP Small Grants
  7. 2013 To-date - Board Chair, CAN-TANZANIA
  8. 2007 To date – Member in the Society for Conservation Biology
  9. 2005 To date – Member in Eastern Africa Association for Impact Assessment
  10. 2010 To date – Member in the IUCN Red List Regional Plant Authority
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