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Title: Dr
Name: James Lyimo
College/School/Division: Institute of Resource Assessment
Role: Senior Lecturer
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Dr. Lyimo born in 1959  is a senior lecturer working  for the University of Dar es salaam in the Institute of Resource assessment to date as Researcher, consultant and lecturer.  He has vast experience on research and consultancy services as well as teaching in the areas of management of natural resources; land use management issues, agriculture and climate change. Among the assignment undertaken include Climate Change and Variability in Highlands-Lowlands Ecosystems of Pare Mountains, Tanzania. The main objective of this project was to establish knowledge base on climate change and variability in the highland-lowland ecosystem of Pare Mountains and enhance adaptive strategies of the local community in addressing negative effects of climate change and variability on their livelihood; Climate change and variability in Tanzania - assessment of impacts, vulnerability and adaptive capacity of natural and social systems”. UDSM-PITRO programme. The project aims at establishing the patterns and trends of climate change and variability and community perception, impacts, vulnerability and adaptive capacities to climate change in three selected zones, (Coast, semiarid areas and western plateau); Participatory Building of Capacity for Climate Change Adaptation in the Agricultural Sector in Tanzania and Malawi. Specifically, the project aimed at Building and strengthening the capacity of climate change vulnerable farming communities to enhanced adaptation in agricultural production through actions (training and research) using innovation system approach; Building African capacity for conserving Biodiversity in a changing climate in the Albertine Region.  Program jointly undertaken by the UDSM-IRA and START International Washington DC. funded by MacArthur Foundation; African Adaptation Program (AAP) the program aimed at supporting integrated and comprehensive approaches to climate change adaptation in Africa by mainstreaming climate change adaptation (CCA) in the national sectoral policies of Tanzania. The programme was funded by UNDP; Land use Planning and Resource Assessment in Tanzania Collaborative research project between the IRA and the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) London. Besides the above Dr. Lyimo has been a coordinator of TRECCAFRICA mobility project coordinated by the Stellenbosch university and has also extensively published in various international journals.



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  1. Soil Science Society of East Africa
  2. Network for Sustainable Ecosystem in Tanzania (ECONET)
  3. African Association for Farming System Research & Extension
  4. Organisation for Social Science Research in Eastern and Southern Africa (OSSREA)



IRA-Board, IRA postgraduate committee

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TRECCAFRICA mobility project coordinator


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