UDSM-CoHu hosts International Conference on African Humanities and Inclusive Growth

Fri, 15.Sep.2023 09.41

By Tumaini Kibangala, CMU

The College of Humanities (CoHu) at the University of Dar es Salaam has hosted a landmark African Humanities Conference under the theme “Celebrating African Humanities for Inclusive Growth", from 13 to 14 September, 2023.

At this conference the Guest of honor, UDSM Deputy Vice Chancellor-Academic Professor Bonaventure Rutinwa, underscored the role of the humanities in fostering inclusive growth, addressing economic concerns, and contributing to the development of society. He emphasized the importance of collaboration, internationalization, and institutional partnerships in the field of humanities.

“The African Humanities Conference is a testimony of the desire of the College of Humanities to push humanities scholarship to new heights, to build scholarly networks with scientists from all over the world, and to embrace the belief that no University in the world can thrive and progress if it operates in isolation”, said Prof. Rutinwa.

Dr. Rose Upor, the Principal of the College of Humanities, welcomed attendees and set the tone for the conference’s discussions, and informed participants about the presence of many global scholars at the event.  

Keynote addresses featured prominent voices in African academia. Professor Innocent Pikiravi   from the University of Pretoria delivered a speech titled “The State of the Humanities in Africa: Past, Present, Future.” This address explored the evolving landscape of humanities in Africa.

Professor Herman Batibo, a retired linguistics expert, shared insights in his speech titled “Landmarking the Humanities in Africa’s Education: Experiences, Challenges, and Prospects.” His perspective shed light on the challenges and opportunities facing the humanities within African education.

Also, Professor Michael Andindilile, from the University of Dar-es-Salaam, addressed “The Language Question and the Balkanization of Knowledge in African Humanities,” emphasizing the role of language in shaping knowledge in the African context.

The African Humanities Conference 2023 served as a platform for rigorous intellectual exchange, fostering a deeper understanding of the humanities’ role in fostering inclusive growth across the continent. The event marked a significant milestone in the pursuit of knowledge and cultural enrichment in Africa.