UDSM conducts training on PhD and Masters supervision skills

Sat, 18.Mar.2023 17.22

By Ally Mambele, CMU

The University of Dar es Salaam has conducted a two-day training to its Academic Staff on Masters and PhD students supervision skills from 16th to 17th, March, 2023 at APC Conference Centre, in Dar es Salaam.

During the training, one of the topics and issues that were covered, included provision of support to postgraduate candidates. This was delivered by Prof. Yunus Mgaya, the former UDSM Deputy Vice Chancellor responsible for Administration issues.

Prof. Mgaya pointed out that supervisors need to be aware of what resources were available so that students could be directed towards them and that it was important to create a good working relationship between supervisors and students.

In this training, the Director of Postgraduate Studies, Prof. Donatha Tibuhwa also presented a topic about UDSM regulations and framework for research supervision; supervision and monitoring postgraduate students; online supervision skills and intellectual property rights for UDSM staff research.

Additionally, Dr.  Paul S. Muneja highlighted the steps in searching online information and explained how to use search formulation to obtain relevant result, how to subscribe free e-resources from various publishers/vendors through the Electronic Information for Libraries (EIFL).

Overall, the two-day training, which was attended by more than 45 participants from different UDSM academic units, was also possible through the support from the Higher Education for Economic Transformation (HEET) project.

It generally focused on helping postgraduate candidates in the cross-cutting issues such as mentoring, online supervision, rights and responsibilities of students and supervisors, students’ awareness on regulation and legal issues and online literature search strategies that could help students during the supervision process.