UDSM reshuffles heads of housing and finance sections to increase efficiency

Fri, 31.Mar.2023 08.29

By Jackson Isdory, CMU

In a bid to improve efficiency in service provision, the University of Dar es Salaam has made some changes of heads of housing and finance sections this March 2023. The changes included appointing new heads as well as shifting others from one section to another.

According to the information by the University top management, the reorganization of officers and heads of various Units took place with the aim to improve service provision to the institution’s stakeholders that include students, employees, service providers, project sponsors, investors, alumni, government, the media, and society in general.

“These are normal administrative changes whose main objective is to increase efficiency, capacity, and competence of officers in their respective positions; and enable them to provide the best services possible”, Prof. Bernadeta Killian, the Deputy Vice Chancellor responsible for Planning, Finance and Administration.

Prof. Killian said that the University was pleased to welcome the different heads in respective Units to take their new roles and was looking forward to seeing the positive impact that they would have on the University's various services.

Managing housing services professionally

The changes, as indicated by UDSM management, included in the Staff Housing Management Unit, under the Directorate of Estate Services, where a new Housing Officer Mr. Sesala Mwenegoha Mgoha (Administrative Officer II) was appointed. Mr. Mgoha takes over from Mr. Peter Munthali, who was transferred to the University of Da res Salaam Business School as Administrative Officer.

In his new role, Mr. Mgoha would be responsible for ensuring that the management of housing services for UDSM employees is done professionally, honestly, and in accordance with existing procedures and guidelines. This includes monitoring the condition of houses, providing advice and plans for repair, and addressing complaints from residents.

In the Directorate of Finance, the following changes in various sections were announced:

CPA Happy Mishon was appointed Head of Revenue and would be responsible to oversee the institution's income collection and management processes, develop robust procedures that cover revenue collection, recording, and reporting, as well as oversee guidelines for issuing valid receipts and managing customer complaints.

The Acting Director of Finance, CPA Juma Silayo explained that, in her new role, CPA Mishon would also be responsible to train staff members involved in revenue collection and management to minimize errors and improve customer service; leverage technology to streamline revenue collection processes, including implementing electronic payment systems and customer portals for easy access to account information.

Yasin Sihembe was appointed Head of Inspection whose role would include ensuring that the university's financial transactions are conducted in accordance with legal procedures and government financial guidelines by reviewing all payments made by the university to ensure that they are legitimate and made to legitimate claimants.

He would also manage and advise stakeholders on guidelines for the use of public funds, particularly in payments to stakeholders and imprests, which relates with the university's commitment to safeguarding its financial integrity and complying with government regulations.

Enhancing financial management systems

CPA Mariam Mwanga was appointed Head of Expenditure, and her roles would be to oversee the financial transactions and expenditures of the university, and ensure that all payments made to employees, service providers, and students were legitimate, timely, and accurate. 

“This appointment comes as UDSM looks to enhance financial management systems and ensure transparency in financial operations. With vast experience in financial management, and wealth of related knowledge and expertise, CPA Mwanga will manage budgets and identify areas where funds can be allocated efficiently to achieve the university's objectives”, said the Acting Director of Finance, CPA Juma Silayo when asked for a comment.

Moreover, CPA Devota Titto was appointed Head, Salaries, and would be responsible for managing the section and ensuring that all employees’ salary information were accurate, timely, and maintained with great trust. She would also oversee the payroll processing system and ensure that employees are paid their salaries on time and in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Meanwhile, CPA Ulumbi Payovela was also appointed Financial Officer (Compensation and Benefits) whose responsibilities would include ensuring that all employees and stakeholders of the university receive their entitlements or compensation in a legal and timely manner.

The information indicated that CPA Payovela would oversee the administration of payroll, benefits, and other forms of compensation, and ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations. She would also assist the Deputy Vice Chancellor-PFA in all matters related to benefits, compensation, and payments to service providers.

Accuracy of UDSM financial records

CPA Edina Bundala was appointed Head of General Ledger responsible for ensuring the accuracy and completeness of the university's financial records, managing financial performance, and advising the Director of Finance on strategies to meet government financial regulations.

CMU is aware that, with a wealth of experience in financial management, CPA Bundala is well-suited to her new position and that she would work closely with the finance team and the university leadership to develop and implement policies and procedures that ensure compliance with government regulations. She would also monitor financial performance and identify and address any risks or issues that may arise.

In addition, CPA Moshy Juma was appointed Head, Fixed Assets, and his tasks would be to ensure that the University's properties were preserved, cared for, and valued appropriately. This would involve supervising and advising on asset management practices, including the efficient use of modern technology to track and manage all of the university's assets.