About CMU

The Communication and Marketing Unit (CMU) of the University of Dar es Salaam has been established to undertake various key functions related to official communications, public relations and marketing of the University. In particular, the CMU activities, among others, include vetting information and communications such as advertisements, announcements and press releases prior to announcement to the public; disseminating summaries of reports of the University to the relevant stakeholders through the various communications tools including the ICT platforms and/or news bulletin; managing and updating information on the University website; devising and managing mechanisms to ensure that non-sensitive information is shared with appropriate audience; organising press conferences; and leading the conception and delivery of marketing initiatives in order to create awareness of UDSM products and services.

The Unit also provides an effective programme of product training to the members of University community in order to optimise positioning and increase sales of the designated products and services; and providing the UDSM community with marketing advice and guidance for relevant products in order to enable delivery of effective campaigns. In so doing, it also contributes key marketing inputs into the product planning and development process as well as managing the marketing and promotion budget. In addition, it creates and manages internal and external marketing and promotion strategies, including social media strategies, to ensure effective sharing of relevant information on UDSM programme, products and services. CMU also implements and oversees plans and activities under the UDSM Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy and function respectively as well as the University overall outreach activities.